Sunday, December 18, 2011

Another Quilt Finished for 2011.... a Wedding Present for Jo and Tahu...

I photographed this quilt at a damaged Church on Riccarton Road,
some of these buildings will be saved, this doesn't look too bad from this angle,
I should have photographed around the side where steel beams are holding it up!! 

I made this quilt using the 36 x 2.5" blocks I made for the epic,
and the beautiful bee blocks from the first bee I was part of.
There are pieces from many of the quilts I've made in it.

A genuine patchwork quilt with many pieces made by many hands,
a quilt full of stories.... perfect for a young couple embarking on their own story.

I never part with scrap quilts, because they are so precious,
but I'm pretty sure Jo will treasure this and value the stories behind it.

It looks harmonious somehow, all the random bits coming together as one.

I love this fabric with the wee houses and quilts on it,
it's from when I went to Thailand I made a quilt from it to take,
and the red Maori pattern is from a quilt I made for Jo to give to her friend.

I'm really pleased with how the colours have spread around evenly,
something I always find a challenge, but this time it happened effortlessly.

The congregation must meet in the offices next to the church I think.
I liked this sign, so typical of the Christchurch spirit.

I really hope Jo and Tahu and their cat, and their future babies
have many happy times snuggling under this quilt.


  1. Another lovely quilt.
    Isn't it wonderful how scraps of fabric can bring back so many memories!

  2. That is such a wonderful quilt!! I love that it has bits and pieces from other projects. Such a wonderful gift!

  3. Great post and lovely quilt. I think scrap quilts are probably my favourite kind.


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