Monday, December 5, 2011

The best cafe/emporium in the South Island...

Last Friday my friend Karen and I took a day off 
and went for a drive in the country to Methven.
Karen wanted some woolen blankets for a quilt she is going to make.
That was a good enough excuse for us.

It's called Primo & Secunndo, and it's on McMillian Street, Methven.
The sign at the door days it all, really this is what we did!!

It was a perfect day, one of those days when you wonder why
you don't do things like this more often.

The cafe is set in the midst of the most incredible collection of vintage goodies.
Look at these blankets, I loved the pink and blue one at the bottom.

Look at the Christmas tree, what an awesome idea.
How many people have a teaspoon collection (well Karen does for one)
the tree looks so stylish and such a good use for those teaspoons
(I bet my sister Sharyn will do this next year)

There was jugs and beautiful china everywhere.

Baskets of vintage linens to sort through.

and amongst all this, tables here and there for people to work, eat,
read, chat or just sit.

I really think this brass is only nice on masse like this. 
They seem to bring out the best in each other!!

I love the way Marya groups the things together naturally.
It's actually like being in someone's home.

The food was AMAZING. Honestly. Wherever you are driving from, it's worth it.
We had BLT sandwiches of such magnificence and freshness.
We had the lightest of light chocolate cake drenched in berry syrup
and we had more than one coffee each.

Look at the wall of blankets people!
They were super sweet to Annie too. They served her food quickly
and on beautiful china. They treated her like a little lady.
They even filled the watering can and supervised her watering the garden
not once but twice.

I want to go back so badly. I'm busy trying to think up an excuse.
I just want to sit in the cafe, eat good food all day
and read and do my crochet. It's that kind of place. 

So if any of you are driving about the South Island,
make sure you stop by Methven and visit Marya,
I know I will.

This is a 10 star experience, 5 stars for the food, and 5 stars for the vintage goodies!!!
Tomorrow I'll show you the few things that sneaked home with me.


  1. Good on you Deb for sharing these great places in out of the way locations - thanks xx
    hugs, Miche'le

  2. I've visited more than once.. . it really is the wonderful experience you describe, love it!

  3. This looks like the best place to visit. All those wonderful things combined together, I would be in heaven. Glad you had a wonderful day.
    Anne xx

  4. Looks like a great place to visit. Can't wait to see what followed you home. =)

  5. oh that looks AWESOME!

  6. Right I'm off to "google" how to get to Methven! Looks awesome. Thanks for sharing.

  7. I have been in that place, it is very cool! I had actually forgotten all about it but I will be driving up to north canterbury next week (inland route) so may well make a stop off there.

  8. I have been there. Found the place and spent the whole weekend there while my husband played soccer. Did I want to watch his match??? no.. I wanted to buy the chairs I was sitting on!!!


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