Friday, December 9, 2011

I love my neighbours....

This evening we had our street Christmas party.
A few sausages and other bits and pieces on the bbq
and some pot-luck dishes. Always the best food I think.

Plenty of lemonade etc for young and old. 

We all sat about on the front of Ruth's house in the late afternoon sun,
it's quite dark now and very late, but some of them are still out there
just hanging out, listening to music, dancing and enjoying each other's company.

This is Abigail Rose, who Annie calls "Habby" the girls are going to be great friends.

Annie and her dearest friend in all the world, Archie!

Dear old Santa came, looking a bit worn and tired,
but so so jolly and friendly.

What a darling!

Annie was thrilled with her Christmas book.
Sadly I only had a tiny window of opportunity today,
and must have brought the weirdest Christmas book ever!

Reuben was deeply disappointed Santa didn't bring what he asked for.
I mentioned it wasn't actually Christmas, and the Santa's we meet before Christmas
usually bring either books or pens.

I was a bit worried about what he actually wanted,
so I said what would you like Santa to bring,
he said, Pens, Paper and a Magnifying Glass, 
all of which, as it happens, I have for him! Yay - Christmas Win!!!!

Anyway, I feel truly blest to have neighbours who are great friends
and that we enjoy hanging out with. This is what neighbourhood is all about!

Merry Christmas!!!!

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  1. what a gift great neighbors are lucky to have such a great bunch!!!


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