Sunday, December 4, 2011

I made a Dottie Angel 12 Days of Christmas Runner

I read the instructions on Tif's blog and I thought I could do that!
I ferreted about in the storeroom.

And chose from the baskets of this and that.

Then I spent a couple of happy hours in the shade stitching away

It was so much fun and so easy.
And to be sure, mine did not look one whit like Tif's,
but that's not the point is it???

I put all my prettiest doilies in and bits I'd saved for something special

lots of found bits and pieces. Such fun :)

There's nothing like a bit of peaceful stitching on a Sunday afternoon is there??

And then it was a table runner, how cool.

I put hope on it because if there is one thing we need in Christchurch
it's hope, that and a shake-free new year!!!

One of my hand dyed doilies and someone's beautiful stitching.
I wonder who they were and what they were making them for.

And then it went home with my friend Pip to sit on her piano and make her smile
when she walks past it every day.

I think I'll make another one!!

I'm on tender hooks to see what Tif comes up with next.
Soooo exciting.


  1. It's lovely, and I like your choice of dollies!
    I saw that post on Dottie Angel and was tempted to stop right there and make one, but really have so much to do in the next couple of weeks that I bravely put it in the ' no time to phaff about now' basket. ( given that I was up till 2am crafting Christmas ornaments to post this week, that was one of the more sensible decisions that I have made recently).

  2. oh yes! a brilliantly terribly nice table runner :)
    so lovely and i always think that too when i am working with old embroidered pieces and the folks who had spent hours making them.
    thank you for sharing this with me and i truly love the use of 'hope' in this runner
    Tif x

  3. Cute Deb!
    I love the colourful bits!

  4. Its gorgeous Deb. I very much hope you remain shake free.

  5. BEAUTIFUL Deb... I totally love it and am inspired to do one too.


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