Wednesday, December 7, 2011

I made a Dottie Angel hanger.... [warning: addictive]

After I read the tutorial, I thought I could do that.
And started gathering a few bits and pieces.

This is not too hard I thinks to myself. I didn't know I was already hooked!!

I think I'm in love!

I had three little decorations needing a home (they had been taped to the wall)

but now they are happy as happy could be!

Me thinks this one is not coming down after Christmas.
I love it! Annie-Rose picked where it was to go and she is happy too.

Oh so pretty! Really though, it is isn't it?
considering it's pretty much all op shopped, it's a lovely wee spot.
Annie loves her tidy room! (hint hint Chrissy)

And then well we had to make another one.
Those "lost forsaken souls" from around the house
now have their own home.

But now I'm itching to make more.
It's the crafting equivalent of fast food,
so quick and satisfying.

I've seen Clare do one too. Has anyone else??
Don't delay, I bet even my mum would enjoy making one of these!!!


  1. aren't they great!!
    I've gotta have a go!!

  2. gorgeous deb, I love the vintage one :) x

  3. Your hangers are gorgeous. So simple but so beautiful.
    Anne xx

  4. So cool Deb! going to have to make some too I think!

  5. oh, I love your ones, and Clare's ones. Almost more than Dottie Angel's (shock horror, never thought I would say those words). Now I totally want to make some, so a bit of thrifty shopping may be in order, because I only have really boring christmas decorations. And that just wouldn't do.

  6. Everyone's making them! I might have to just see what allthe fuss is about! xo

  7. Looks great Deb! I have been enjoying dottie angels tuts too, haven't made any yet though!

  8. I have not, but now I totally want to!

  9. These are gorgeous. I can see why you are hooked on making them. And I can just imagine the kids having fun with them, too. Lovely idea.

  10. oh wow this hanger is so adorable....i love the one with vintage sheets.

  11. Warning noticed...;O)))
    But I looked anyway... and I love them..


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