Monday, December 19, 2011

It's beginning to taste a lot like Christmas....

We had such a busy weekend, and on Sunday afternoon David made us a cup of tea,
and we sat for half an hour on the deck drinking the tea and eating Christmas cake.

We got a cake from the lovely folks at Baker's Delight.
I'm not a real fruit cake person, apart from my mum's fruit cake,
but this cake is DELICIOUS!

In fact it was so good, I went straight out today and brought another one
and some more of the yummy fruit tarts for Nana Robbie for Christmas.

It was just what we needed in our busy weekend,
and wee interlude to sit and eat cake. Thanks Bakers Delight.

I had a crazy sewing day making Christmas things which I can't show you yet.
The funny thing was that the three members of the family I was making them for
where in and out of the room and never noticed what I was doing!!

Oh by the way, the cake is only $12,
and although it's not huge it goes a long way.
A perfect gift, tasting exactly like Christmas!!

Find Bakers Delight here and here

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  1. Gorgeous photos Deb! That Christmas cake looks delicious and I can imagine the smell of those pretty sweet peas!


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