Saturday, December 3, 2011

My Place and Yours: The Christmas Party

Because I didn't put up our tree, I didn't think I'd done much decorating
but looking around Christmas is in evidence this year in a blaze of colour.

Annie-Rose was thrilled to bits with the Christmas books
that come out every year.

The sofa got a quilt to brighten it up.

A few Christmas ornaments on the side board

Super cute little figures.

The shelf in the entrance has kept looking nice and festive.

And the lounge also. I'd completely forgotten this wallhanging,
it's such a nice surprise to see them again!

We had friends for dinner last night and it looks so cheerful and welcoming.

and hopefully inviting, in a "come and sit a while" way.

This Christmas it seems to be all about colour.
Lots and lots of it, every colour together.

Reuben has been filling our glass bottles from our neighbour's garden.
It's vibrant and it's cheerful.
And that is truly something we need this Christmas,
more than ever before, we need hope for next year!!

Pop over here and see some more Christmassy homes


  1. you are invited to follow my blog

  2. I think Christmas has definitely arrived at your house! Lovely.

  3. Your home looks very colourful and cheerful.
    Anne xx

  4. Oh Deb everything looks wonderful! "Not much decorating" indeed!!

    I love the train & the wreath & your outdoor area, stunning!

    Thanks for playing along with our Christmas Special & Merry Christmas!

  5. I love seeing how you decorate there. Everything looks very festive! Love the quilt Annie Rose is sitting on! Hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas!

  6. Hey we were the friends for tea last night and vouch for the 'inviting and stay for a while' we had to be kicked out ;-) ... Amazing space and great company ... LX and Joey

  7. Lots of christmas cheer at your place. Looks fab.

  8. it does look wonderfully inviting! The little white deer on the wall look especially cute Deb. we've cracked out the christmas books too-I love it, yay for christmas!

  9. It looks fantastic Deb! I love the outdoor patio photo's!

  10. Deb, your house definitely looks like one where I could relax and enjoy some tea and cake. I'll bring the cake ;)
    Andi x

  11. Your quilts always look amazing. Love your Christmas decorating!

  12. Your outdoor area looks so colourful and comfortable, I can see lots of parties happening there!

  13. It's going to be a fun Christmas in blogland - I love seeing all the different decorations from so many countries.

    It was a sure sign of Christmas at our house when the Christmas books came out...cherish the memory - times passes so quickly...

  14. So colourful! I love your quilts.

  15. oh look how sweet she is on that quilt...i love your decorations.

  16. Everything looks so cozy and colourful! Lovely!!

  17. Gorgeous! Have a Merry Christmas!

  18. Your Christmas decorating is beautiful - so thoughtful and, love, love your star quilt...Merry Christmas!

  19. Christmas is definitely happening at your place! :)

  20. Wow - those quilts are all fabulous! Almost made me Ok with a more summery Christmas rather than a wintery Christmas:) Cyndy


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