Friday, December 9, 2011

A quilt from recycled shirts and other bits and pieces...

I made this quilt for my neighbour Daniel using some shirts of his that I snaffled off him.
I have to resist taking shirts off people's backs when I see them
but instead beg them to remember me when they throw them out.

Daniel gave me several plaid type shirts which I paired with some neutral fabrics
to make what I think is an awesome man quilt.

I used my own pattern "The Everyday Quilt" which I love
I love the simplicity of it, and I love how it looks when it's crumpled on the bed or the sofa.

I did try and take some pics on one of our earthquake fences. 
A beautiful old hotel used to be on this site,
it had been restored and used for commercial businesses.
It looks to me like the foundations of something new are starting here.

It was frightfully windy and the light was too bright,
but you get an idea of the shades of colour in the quilt.

Dust from hundreds and hundreds of cleared sites is the new hazard for this summer.
I can see the time when we will only venture out with masks :(

I took these inside just so I could get the actual colour of the quilt.
I'm stoked with how it turned out.

The backing is awesome too, a brown paisley paired with this vibrant spot.

And the binding is my favourite binding ever.
Why are stripes so hard to find?
These are truly lovely.

I left the pockets on just for a little detail.

Another successful finish.
But not the last for the year,
still one or three to go.

How are you going with your to-do list??


  1. Very nice and I love the added touches of the pockets. The quilting is perfect for it.

  2. I love recycled shirts! use them alot! this is lovely. I still have 10 to finish... i dont think im gonna make it!

  3. I never, ever get tired of looking at your quilts! How do you make the cool squiggly quilty pattern?

  4. your quilts are a site for sore eyes ,just lovely .

  5. This is an amazing quilt - you really are churning them out at the moment aren't you!! !!

  6. That is definitely a great man quilt. The quilting looks wonderful.

  7. I LOVE reading your blog and looking at all your wonderful quilts they are beautiful! I wish I had some of them in my house for my children! :-)

  8. I love that quilt Deb actually I love all your quilts. I love the spots and the stripes for the binding. Do you know what fabric they are?

  9. wow, love shirt quilts. did you quilt it yourself or send it off to get done?

  10. I LOVE this quilt. Lovely work, Deb. :)

  11. Love everything with this quitl.. the shirts ..the quilting.. the binding..;O) yes.. evreything..:O)
    Lovely recycling!!


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