Thursday, December 8, 2011

This is definitely a Dottie Angel week!!

There's always the things you should be doing, that you know you should do,
and the things you end up doing, that you squeeze out of the time you have.

I may have mentioned that I have made Annie give up her beloved (by her and me)
afternoon sleeps in favour of sleeping the night.
Oh me oh my! the days are so loooooooooong.

We are winning though with a happy child during the day
and sleeping during the night, win win.

It does mean my sewing time has vanished out the window
while I keep my eagle on on the child in that after lunch period
and chat cheerfully away to her so she doesn't succumb to the dreaded sleep!

I have so many Christmas/secret squirrel projects to work on
but they will have to wait for the weekend when someone else can watch Annie.

In the meantime one afternoon Annie and I,
well I really, but Annie supervised;
we made this cushion for her bed from the latest Dottie Angel tutorial.

No new materials were purchased in the making of this cushion!
Isn't it lovely?

I love it and so does Annie. I tried to sneak it out to the living room,
but it went straight back to the bed! I love putting lace and rick rack details on
So pretty. Not very Christmassy sorry Tif, but lovely none the less!

Get the tutorial from yours here.


  1. Hello Dott...I mean Deb!
    I'm stamping my foot cos I've not got a minute right now to do anything so pretty!!!!!!!

  2. Don't you really miss that little bit of free time when afternoon naps are gone? But I agree that it is far more preferable to have a good sleep at night.
    Love all the fun you are having with lace and doileys.


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