Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Thrifty finds this week....

Here's the bits that came home with me on friday.
This red enamel pot. I love red. I love enamel. Nuff said.

Oh my. Makes me want to cook. 
I brought it for the caravan, but it's living on the stove at the moment
so I can admire it and use it every day.

Beautiful floral side plates.
These are lovely too. Just crying out for some cake.
Christmas cake to be precise, hmmmmm.

Isn't that colour amazing??

And a beautiful cake tin. This was quite expensive but
they are as scarce as hens teeth these big square ones.
I never find big tins at the opshop now.

This size is perfect for holding a whole love of fabric for a quilting project.

And this cute little mug, is it a toby jug??

And the other side. I like how they put weathered faces on it.

What have you found this week.
If you have a post you want me to read,
link it in the comments below!!


  1. that tin is pretty special, and you're right about them being scarce these days! Especially with those types of designs on them... Lovely finds Deb!

  2. some really good finds there Deb,
    and the tin is delightful, what a great idea using it to store your fabrics.

  3. Loving that red enamel pot big time.

  4. Oooh, that red enamel pot! It looks sort of Swedish 1960s. Nice find!

  5. Oh! What a fantastic find with that Catherineholm pot, I'm super extremely jealous!


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