Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Works in Progress and this and that....

For the most part I've been in complete denial about Christmas coming up SOON
although yesterday it sort of hit me.

Also James is going to Melbourne to stay with my Bro and his excellent fiance,
and he came in the other morning and said, "Mum I need a really good present,
Can you make a quilt??"

You have a love a 15 who wants to give a quilt that his mum makes don't you!
Of course I can squeeze another quilt in can't I??

My sister Jo is coming over tonight for a bunting making marathon.
I think she wants about 75 metres of bunting.

No problem is it? No of course not. Gulp.
I've told Jo she can cut and I will sew.
I'm going to CHEAT and use ribbon folded in half.

I've got a wee something on the go for Rhiannan,
but it might not get done before Christmas might it.

Of course it was a priority to finish the cushions for the caravan, ahem.
Well anyway they do look pretty. And they have zips in.
This is a very big deal for me. I'm happy.

Now I just want to thank all the people who left thoughtful comments 
on my post about the dummy.
I really really appreciated them and they helped me a lot.
It did make me giggle a little bit that the two people who told me the dummy
should go had no children!!
The dummy now lives on a little dish during the day by her bed
and there is no talking with the dummy in. It's a workable compromise.

I've had so many lovely comments lately and I appreciate each and every one of them,
thank you! thank you! thank you!

Lots and lots of you visited for my giveaway which I draw on Saturday New Zealand time.
I've got amazing feedback about what lots of you want to make.
If you haven't entered yet, it's not too late.

So to sum up, I still have two quilts to bind,
one to make,
10 more mattresses for the Princess and the Pea,
one bag for the explorer
and 75ish metres of bunting to make.

Plus a holiday to pack for, gifts to wrap,
groceries to buy, washing to wash...
you know the deal!

And of course Miss Annie-Rose to look after, 
who this week I have treated for nits, yes I got them too :(
throat and ear infection, asthma
and hand, foot and mouth.

Immune system boosting ideas needed. Please suggest.
Currently we are doing antibiotics, inhaler, multi-vitamins and pro-biotic
sigh. Roll on 2012 I say.

You winning on your to-do list??
Please tell me yours is dire as well.


  1. to do list feels long....but I think you win! I reach for the Colloidal silver when the health is down. Best wishes for Christmas (& getting everything finished).

  2. Your daughter, cushions and flowers are looking lovely. Don't like the look of that to-do-list tho. You need elf help! Yes, not getting far here either, AND I started everything early this year!

  3. Wow, you are going to be productive over the next 10 days! I don't have immunity boosting ideas but my son had pretty much no immunity when he was younger and picked up every bug out there. For 9 months of the year he would pretty much have a permenant cold and then when he was 5 he had his tonsils taken out and it made the world of difference. If she has permenantly huge tonsils, snores and sounds like her throat is swollen when she talks it might be worth talking to the Dr about. Merry Christmas to you and your family Deb xx

  4. Woo hoo! Go you! So impressed that you got past your zip phobia!!!
    Poor Annie, here's hoping she's all healthy for Christmas.
    Good luck with your Christmas list, thankfully mine is not quite as long, BUT I have a horrible feeling that I'm forgetting something and that I'm going to be rushing around like a mad thing next week! Just finished hubby's secret santa gift... now onto the next task.

  5. Proud of you for taking on zips - my list got on top of me the other day but now I've thrown up my hands and no one is going to get a Christmas card. xxx

  6. wow, what a list Deb!!'
    I have one too, but Im doing well at ignoring it!
    Can I suggest Olive leaf for your little one to boost her immune system... they do a yummy berry flavoured liquid for kids. I swear by olive leaf for the kids and I.

  7. Hi Deb

    Your 15 year old is wise beyond his years and he knows the true value of a quilt. Of course you can make a quilt before he leaves :-)

    It reminded me of going to my son's best friend's 21st. For his gift I gave him a quilt I had made a few years ago (but had not been used) and felt a bit guilty that it wasn't newly made. My son was telling me the other day that the quilt was a great present, much better than any of the other gifts his friend got.

    Would you give me permission to use your son's comment in our club newsletter, please?

  8. Nope, you win hands down, my to do list is not even close! I think I would be outsourcing the bunting, 75 metres, really?! Its amazing the things we do when we become mothers...stuff I would have never bothered with when I was single and had far more time. Take care, hope all your family, but especially Annie Rose has a healthy 2012, happy quilting (literally in your case) Sue SA.

  9. Oh poor little Annie Rose. I hope she makes a quick recovery!! Deb I feel terrible for not getting your jelly rolls in the post... I have a few reasons though and I hope they will help to make the wait worthwhile :)

  10. I've had huge to do lists at home and work. 4 weeks worth of work to do in 1 week, so I can take off on a holiday with the family. You are so creative and talented. Hope that you, Dave, Reuben and annie rose have a fantastic holiday in the caravan. Christmas blessings Tui

  11. Poor wee thing, hope the little lady is feeling better very soon. Yep, my to do list is as tall as me! My sister is getting married on Saturday and we have, amongst other things, table decorations to make and a 10ft Xmas tree to decorate at the venue. The next few days are going to be a rollercoaster! Good luck with the bunting marathon. xx

  12. A lovely post Deb, sorry about the dummy comment!

    I am up to date with christmas makes I'm moving onto new year/valentine gifts for selling in my friends shop phew!!

    I might have a go at a dottie thing today though!!

    The ribbon bunting will be great...though 75m omgosh!

  13. Poor Annie-Rose! Interestingly, Wolfie has a throat and ear infection, and hand, foot and mouth too. Do those things normally go together? He had H,F and M this time last year . . . and gave it to me for Christmas. I only hope that this year I will manage to avoid that 'gift'.

  14. The cushions look great. As for winning on the to-do list, is that even possible? Every time I finish something there seems to be 3 more items added!

  15. Hi Deb,
    Try open homes and selling your house into the bargain! Yep - it's a crazy (but fun) time of year). There's nits going round at our school - I just know my kids are going to get them on their last day there! LOL!
    I was at my dear doctor's again the other day for asthma, eczema, hayfever, coughs and sore throats too the other day. He told me that just about everyone in Chch is suffering from Post Traumatic Stress and that's why we've all had a bad year with bugs and things. I dose my kids up on Vitamin C and carry hand sanitizer with me in my purse and we put it on after visiting any public place. That's my prevention strategy anyway. So glad summer is here and hope we get a wee break from the germies for awhile.
    Have a happy Christmas!

  16. i wonder if your earthquake has stirred things up in the air & is causing some of the problems poor annie-rose is having, especially the upper respiratory ones.
    i use a nasal irrigator every's called neal med. now a cold lasts a couple of days for me & i don't end up with a sinus infection. the doc who recommended it has his little ones (3 & 5) using it daily, too. if i do get a cough, i take wild elderberry syrup.
    i've also heard that eating honey harvested within a few miles of your home helps with alergies from pollens.
    Best wishes for a very healthy 2012 for you & yours!

  17. So glad to be in great company when it comes to speeding at the speed of light towards Christmas. I have 9 days to complete a plaid crochet blanket. I can do it!!!

    Deb, I LOVE your pillows. Please sell some on your future shoppe. Some of us may be getting a bit lazy in our old age and would love to buy someone else's handy work. Hint, hint.

    blessings and a very happy Christmas to all,

  18. My sister has me making bunting as well.... not 75 metres though!

    This year was a bad year for us early on so I went to a homeopath. I got drops for boosting immune system and wormwood drops.

    All my daughters warts fell off in a matter of weeks and they havent really had a cold since!

    love the homeopath :-)

  19. The stomach flu and ear infections have interrupted the To Do list here. I have 5 pairs of pajama pants and 2 quilts still to make. One quilt top is nearly finished. Haven't even started on the other. Seems that you're in good company Deb! :)


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