Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The first day of spring...

Last year on the first day of spring five beautiful girls
went for a picnic in the gardens.

They took photos, ate picnic food and played in the spring sunshine.

Full of anticipation of the joys of the season ahead,
they had enjoyed their day.

Three days later everything changed 
and their happy lives took different paths.

Change is not all good and not all bad
it's just different.

Today these same beautiful girls are going to meet in the park again
after school. Different schools in different places.

The girls are the same, although their lives are barely recognizable. 
They are Warrior Princesses these girls,
with brave, courageous hearts.

Chrissy, Sophie, Phoebe, Matika and Charlie,
you girls are amazing
I hope you make some new memories in the park today

I hope you greet the new season with 
joyful anticipation and no fear,
knowing you are so much more resilient and stronger
than you ever realised possible.

Life is full of ups and downs
but together you can be strong
and you five know how to enjoy the moment!

Love you all.
You really are Unlimited Girls!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Sometimes you have to wait for the right chair to come along...

After seeing them around the place,
like this one on Sweet William
or this one on Vintage Lifestyle
or this one on No knitted knickers (isn't that a great name for a blog?)
anyway I've been keeping my eye open,
mostly at the Eco Store
and I found this one for $4 at the Sally Army last week.
Prepare to see this many many times in photoshoots!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Thrifty finds...

I'm having an amazing time in Sydney
with Sharyn and Simoma,
having lots of fun and just hanging out in the nicest possible way.
I'll have loads of pictures to post when I get back,
but in the mean times I thought I'd post these finds from the last 
week or two!
I've been looking out for Kitchen things for my Vintage Kitchen Swap
and its amazing you how you find what you
are looking for.
It happens so often, although sometimes you have to wait a while!!
Napkin rings, pillowcases to make laundry bags for Playcentre
and one of those clever tools for crumbling the butter into flour
for scones and fruit crumbles.

I love these Hostess boxes, I'm hoping they will hold recipe cards
must find a Warehouse Stationery and buy some.
How cool would my recipes look on wee cards in one of these?

One for me and one for my swap partner!

I also had some success lately at the City Mission.
A bunch of Agatha Christie books,
I watched a couple of stories on TV and decided to try reading them.
Another one of those metal picture frames for upcycling..

The cutiest wee music box ever ever.

I'm wondering about doing an embroidery or a wee patchwork
to put in this frame.
(I'll paint it red like the others I did)

I'm sure if you read my blog you might wonder if our house if filled with stuff
I don't think it is (David might disagree a bit, he's a minimalist at heart!)
but I do constantly sort and declutter things that we have finished with
for example I have four pillow cases filled with
the cot sheets etc that we have finished with
to take to the op-shop tomorrow.

I like to change things around I think it makes our home
feel loved when you come to visit it!

That's my plan anyhow!!

Friday, August 26, 2011

A birthday quilt for John...

This week has been madly busy one way and other,
what with a sick girl, the day job
and getting ready to go away tomorrow
(just me by myself to Sydney!!).
Also my trusty sewing machine had a nervous breakdown
brought on by stress and overwork
and has gone to the Sewing Machine Spa
for some much needed rest.

Which meant that this quilt for John nearly didn't happen
but stashed away in odd places I found some time
to whip to Shenleigh's and sew it up
(I was sewing the binding down last night
while my hair was dyeing, how is that for multi-tasking!)
And this means this lovely quilt is ready in time
to give to David's brother John.
John's an insomniac so I'm hoping that he finds it restful
to sleep under, wherever that may be.

I'm absolutely stoked with how it's turned out,
the green and brown combination is so manly and yet so funky,
a happy accident I feel.

John is an awesome guy, a real man of integrity,
also funny and easy to get on with.
He is a good guy to know if you are in a tight spot,
he's a solutions man.

Happy Birthday John, and God bless!
I hope your family spoil you,
and may you have many more happy years to come.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Vintage Kitchen Swap....

Today I received my parcel from the Vintage Kitchen Swap
I was blown away, it's AMAZING.
The china cups are incredible, I love them so much.

Look at this tin, i've never seen one like it.

A vintage apron, chocolate and tea.
Yum yum yum!

Rhiannon really has spoilt me, I think I'll send her something else
somehow my parcel doesn't look this amazing
(even if it does have a Giant Oven Mitt.)

See more parcels here.

Apparently everyone needs a GIANT oven mitt...

I had so much fun putting together some goodies
for my Vintage Kitchen Swap partner Rhiannon
and I wanted to make a wee something to go in it.

For some reason I got it into my head to make a giant oven mitt
and so I did. I love it, I hope she does.

It is enormous though, but I think it looks cool.

The vintage part was an old towel I cut up for the back.
I've been using mine and it works fantastically well.

Edited to add: I just got my parcel from Rhiannon,
and now I have swappers guilt.
I was happy with my parcel to her when I sent it,
but now I have hers, I do hope it was good enough :(
I'll try and post some pics today

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A trio of vintage sheet quilts...

This is my vintage bee quilt, but it's really difficult to photograph.
Also to be honest, I dropped the ball with this one.
I found some fabric I really liked and put blocks of it
with the pieced blocks, but it's pretty busy
and although I liked it, once it was quilted
the blocks don't sing.
I really should have chosen fabric that contrasted better.
I feel kinda bad because my friends made these blocks.

This quilt has auditioned before!
I just love it so much.

and this is one of my experiments with rectangles.
I was kinda obsessed with them for a while there.

This is my favourite block in the Bee Quilt,
it's what inspired me to work on my dresden plates.

This is one of my favourite blocks,
I just love squares, I have mentioned this before I know.

Hmm but I do love flying geese too.

And this, this is just lovely.

I want to make another one of these.
I'm sorry, I wish I could remember where I found the pattern for this.
I actually think I might have to do the Pinterest thing
just so I know where to credit the things I make.
Anyone on Pinterest want to send me an invite??

It doesn't really matter if these aren't perfect,
they are still fantastic for snuggling under on a cold day.

And isn't that what we make quilts for anyhow?
Oh yes it is!
Even the wonky ones keep us warm!

I was thinking I should do a post of where all the quilts are at the moment
before the weather warms up and we start putting some of them away!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Spring is just around the corner because....

My favourite green and yellow tablecloth is on the table

The welcome shelf has cheerful yellow crocus on it

The gumboots are stacked by the back door
(why does it get so muddy in spring?)

The knits actually get dry in the sitting room.
I declare, it's just around the corner!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Miss Annie has had a haircut...

And it's adorable!
Look at her here sneaking off with the cracker tin

Love, love, love!
What a sweetie

The sun is shining, yesterday is over
and we are going to enjoy today!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Would you like tears with your breakfast???

This morning Chrissy and I stood in our kitchen
and held each other tight and shed tears.
It's six months today since the earthquake that changed 
our lives for ever.
Here is Chrissy's story of the day.

On that day we all got up and rushed around
and the teenagers barely said goodbye as they rushed out the door.
Even James says "I love you" now when he goes home
to his new flat where he supports himself
working full time. He's 15.
Like I say, Life Has Changed.
Here is his friend Charles' story.
James was with him.
James doesn't talk about it.

We take nothing for granted now
and we pretty much always know where everyone is.
It's best when everyone is safe at home in bed!
On the 22 my sister Jo was my hero,
she did what I couldn't do because I couldn't be 
in two places at one and I had to make a terrible choice.
Here is her story.

The hardest part about the earthquakes
and subsequent aftershocks
(over 8000 of them)
is that we now know we can't trust the ground
it's not safe. Holes open and swallow cars,
water and silt pour out of it,
rocks fall on people. It's kinda scary to live with.
My mum discovered that. 
She walked across a smooth carpark to get coffee
and watched it buck and buckle before her eyes.
Here is her story.

I stood a few months ago looking at the cordon on Colombo St
(can you believe that's been there for six months?)
and wondered if Christchurch would survive.

A verse from the Bible popped into my head....

a bruised reed he will not break, and a faintly burning wick he will not quench;

God with us, we will continue to get through this.