Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Book-making: the perfect wet day activity...

We're home again from our camping trip.
It was great, if more than a little damp. I have loads of photos and posts in my head
so they will spill out here in the next week or two!!

We had a lot of rain as I mentioned, and on the first day, 
I got out my new book and a box of materials I had saved over time
for just such an occasion as this.

And we made books. It was great.
This book is an excellent resource and if I didn't follow the instructions exactly,
they still turned out great.

I had brought some old Golden books from our card making stash
but actually the covers are too hard without a good scoring tool
so for beginners we found soft card was better.
Old calendars were perfect.

We used all sorts of papers and pictures for the insides,
these books are works of art with surprises around every page!!

Aren't they cute?? And very do-able. The two boys (9 and 10) loved it
and the teen did too. Not appropriate for Miss Annie as the awl is dangerous.

We even tried using some stripy string from Trade Aid.
That looked pretty cute too.

Apart from the book, I purchased and awl, some strong thread
and a few long needles. The rest was bits and bobs we had.

These are great, I highly recommend the activity for young and old,
we all had fun doing this and all had good success!!

Ah it's nice to be home and have internet again.
Tomorrow my sister gets married... exciting!


  1. Hope you have a wonderful wedding day!

  2. wow! those are so neat! i need to try to make one of those. :) thanks for the inspiration!


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