Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Dear Grandma who made the wonkiest quilt ever....

I found your blanket at the Salvation Army.
It was so wonky but the colours sing together and so I brought it home and washed it.

I'm pretty sure you were disappointed with how it turned out
because it was in brand-new condition, but I want you to know
that it doesn't matter to us one little bit.

It is so soft and snuggly and warm and just the right size for a little person on the sofa.

It's fun to roll about on with your favourite friends.

Or just for sitting and thinking.

Even for play fighting.

It makes a great cape to run back to bed after a trip to the river

And is just right to put over your legs to keep the bugs away at night.

It works great to keep you warm if you forgot your cardy too.

So thank you Grandma, we love this blanket.
We appreciate all the work in it and the lovely Christmassy colours.
You didn't need to be disappointed because a wonky blanket
can still do all the things a perfect blanket can.

Actually probably more, because it can!


  1. When I find afghans in a bin at flea markets or second hand shops I always wonder about the person who made them and how they ended up in a bin for a dollar! I wonder if someday the things I make will end up there too. I'm so glad you rescued this wonky blanket and gave it a new purpose with your family. Love it!

  2. What a wonderful sentiment. Now I wish I had rescued the afghan I spotted in my neighbor's trash.

  3. I love how you cherish the unloved and teach your children to do the same!

  4. Some of the best things in the world aren't perfect but the way we feel about them makes them more than perfect :).

  5. Oh I love it - and it might even have been a young persons first attempts at crochet too!

  6. That is perfect :)

    I have a couple of couple of similarly rescued granny-square chair covers that I have loved to pieces (literally - some of the squares have all come undone, and I don't know how to fix them!) I wish I knew their stories...

  7. I love these blankets like this! I really have to work hard to resist buying them when I see them... I already have several and we have more than enough blankets in thus house... But it makes me a bit sad to know that someone worked really hard on it and there it is just waiting for a new home...

  8. Aww,those were just the words I needed to hear, I'm working on a quilt for my son (just need to put the binding on) and I was feeling a bit down that it isn't as perfect as I would like - but after reading your heartwarming post - I know my son will love his 'grandma blanket' (made by his Mum!)
    Thank you for this post :O)

  9. What a beautiful post! And such a gorgeous blanket!! I'm so glad its found a good home with you guys.

  10. Oh,Deb... Your blog so bright! As a blanket you found. All your post is very emothional. In some places I was crying... in some - smiling.No message left me indifferent. Grat thanks.


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