Wednesday, January 25, 2012

I've been noticing the colours of summer (and a wee rant)...

I've been on a its-the-last-week of the holidays crusade to clear up all the clutter
that accumulates when 6-10+ people rattle around in a house all the time,
but as I do I've been noticing summery colours in my house.

Like these beautiful prints from Sweet William.

Deep yellows and blues in Annie's room like sunflowers against a blue sky!
I love how a 50c giraffe (Annie calls them te-raffe) and a $1 record cover
brighten up Annie's old and battered dresser so well.

A new cushion for Annie's bed in summery pinks and purples.
I wanted to make something, anything... and I remembered these doilies I dyed a while back
and a pretty skirt someone gave me and I just put them together.
It cost me nothing because I had a cushion inner about but Annie is happy.

The pile of quilts on Annie's shelves in summery greens.
Our house has piles of quilts and blankets here and there as the weather gets warmer
and they come off the beds!! One day I'd love to have a cupboard to display them
but in the meantime I stack them up on old suitcases and stash them here or there.
Too soon, they will be asking for them back as autumn is just around the corner!

Annie's wedding sandals and her favourite crochet blanket on her bed,
ah summer sunshine!

Even Woty Wot has a summery blanket!

And my vintage pram and doll have a raspberry and tea quilt to brighten them up

Annie can't get over having Chrissy home,
and popped into her bed this morning which is looking so fresh in it's summer quilts and pillows.

I love hydrangeas so much and mine are finally flowering beautifully,
this jug makes me smile as I stagger past with yet another load of washing to fold.
I read this post this morning and I don't really agree with the sentiment.
We have the power to make our homes beautiful, even just a corner of it.
A $2 jug and some flowers (even foraged ones) can make you smile.
I don't make my home beautiful for the blog,
I'm working on it for my family... to make it a place of refuge and beauty.

Yes it's true my sofa is covered in clean folded washing
and the entrance is a constant work in progress,
but our home is our home and we live in it, so that's the way it will be!

I picked up this treasure while dropping off donations to a new opshop
(for Christchurch folk - cnr Stourbridge Street and Lyttleton St)
which fundraises for Big Brother Big Sister, an organization David volunteers for
(his picture is on the window)

Do you have a corner or a windowsill that makes you smile??
I'd love to see if you post on your block and link up in the comments I'll pop over and visit!!


  1. what a lovely post Deb, and i love your summery photo's. I was looking at our neighbours hydrangea's yesterday wondering if I had the ner e to ask if I could cut some as they look so beautiful! Will have to plant my own!

  2. Hi Deb, I went and read that blog post you pointed out and it seemed so silly. I think the rose tinted glasses needed to be taken off and a realisation that life is what it is needed to be taken on board. As you say it doesn't take much, its called pride.
    Love your hydrangeas, I got annoyed when I bought some of our inside as they dropped bits everywhere so went back to the roses and lavender.

  3. opps left a comment but forgot to hit publish...

    Loving the summery coloured quilts on Annie's shelves. Quilts make a place feel like home. xx

  4. Wonderful, beautiful, gorgeous post full of lovely photos to cheer the soul. Thank you. I popped over to read the post you referred to and felt rather sorry for the author. Blog reading to me is for pleasure, I am inspired, delighted and encouraged by what other people do and nobody, NOBODY has a perfect life no matter what photos they post on their blog. I'm with you, one little corner of our house can be dedicated to something pleasing and beautiful and it doesn't have to cost money.
    Have a wonderful day enjoying summery delights.
    Anne xx

  5. Hi Deb. Did you ever receive that parcel? Track and trace said it was delivered but I've not heard from you? I so hope it was otherwise I will need to contact NZ Post. Could you please le me know? Ta.

  6. Well... You have very polite and pretty rants :)

  7. I'm busy decluttering atm as well; tidying and gardening at the same time. Downside is that the kids are getting too much time on Xbox; upside is they have to help before they get that. Apparently the first bit makes me the worst Mum in the world.
    Once the boys are back at school I want to get back to my second ever quilt, the first one was a dinosaur quilt for the boys, this one is a King sized one for us.

  8. Deb you have a beautiful style, a beautiful home and a beautiful family. Its all so lovely... especially all those gorgeous quilts!!!

  9. Your house is so full of colour - I love seeing the photos - xxx

  10. all of those quilts made me smile!!!

  11. Oh thanks for the heads up I have a LOAD of stuff to drop to the op-shop. I too think that my home is first for the nourishment of my family and most of the things I love most about it are cheap and handmade!


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