Sunday, January 29, 2012

My Place and Yours: Green

Dear little Vic over at Punky and Me has started up her meme again for the year.
This week: green! Now green is not a colour we have a lot of in our house
but I did find a few bits and pieces,
like this tin my sister Jo gave me for my birthday.

And these basil shoots in the kitchen.
I'm so excited about these I grew them from seed.

This lovely print has faded to a lovely sea green colour.

One of my wee clocks that my friend Kate gave me.
I love this clock.

Snakes and ladders game on my game wall.
I love this game, I had the same one when I was a child.

I love this fabric by Valorie Wells. This makes me happy.

This green game board hangs in Reuben's room.
I wonder how this game would play.

Reuben's fledgling bottle collection has one wee green bottle.

This green bird from my sister Sharyn.

And this green owl in our bedroom.

A green brooch from the wedding. My future sister-in-law Eva made this.

That is basically all the green in our house apart from the odd green tablecloth.
Pop over here to see some more green spaces.


  1. Loving the shot of the green birdy!x

  2. I'm with Jennie on the green birdy pic! Fabulous! Also love the basil, I love basil, ours keeps dying and reviving itself. Need to get some seed so it has some company - great idea!

  3. Oh Deb it's all awesome!

    I love the boardgames on the wall, what a fab idea.

    Thanks for playing along hon. xxx

  4. looking at your house makes me happy. :)

  5. How cute is that little green bottle? Lovely green bits around your house especially the little bird and my daughter would vote for the owl.

  6. So cut of youre blogg for shari .and there are so manyo patek philippe replica for you too;.thanks.

  7. absolutely love the photo of the green bird with you in the background
    sitting here looking around my home and not finding a lot of green - pink and red however

  8. So pretty Deb. I have the same blue creamer. Also have the sugar bowel, salt and pepper shaker to match. They belonged to my husband's grandfather.

  9. This is a cheerful looking theme from you :) I haven't managed to find that much green

  10. Love your birdy and the Owl
    Following from MPAY

  11. oh i have a collection of games in my little boys room. yours look super! love the little green clock too. gorgeous!


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