Monday, January 30, 2012

Thifty finds this week....

I found this wool holder this week and it was in such pretty colours
I just had to buy it! I remember my mum having a brown one.

With a kitten or two in the house, this is perfect to keep the balls from rolling about.

I brought this horse for Chrissy. She has another one somewhere I think.
Once I gave away her rocking horse when I was sure the kids had finished playing with it
and she has never forgiven me! I've promised her I'll buy a beautiful one for her children
but in the mean time, these sweet little ceramics will have to do!!

Two yellow doilies. I think I'll make a couple of cushions with these,
I love cushions with doilies on. There was masses of some kind of border
that I left behind, I don't know what it was for.

A couple of little kitties to sit by Annie's bed.
I don't usually buy cats, but these two had those appealing eyes!!

And a musical clown. Annie is getting a bit big for her baby mobile,
but I thought this clown would last for a long long time!

A beautiful story about imagination (one of the best)
and a wee boy to go with the girl we already have.

Two more little houses to go on the wall in Reuben's room.
I'm gradually adding bits and pieces to it and he is enjoying the process.
I had to ban him from moving things around.
He is a terror at taking pictures off the wall and changing them,
but now that he sees what I'm doing he is quite happy.

And last but not least, these beautiful cups and saucers.
I would get into a lot of trouble for buying these as we have a lot of cups
but I'm going to hide them and use them myself 
because the pattern is so beautiful!!

I know it's late, but I'm going to link with Sophie!


  1. wow what awesome finds! I think I like that wool holder the best-if I had seen it in an op shop I probably wouldn't have known what it is for- now I'll be on the look out for one! love the pattern on the cups and saucers too :)

  2. Fabulous finds Deb! I too remember those wool holders

  3. that wool holder is so fun....i have never seen anything like that.

  4. What great finds. I really like the little houses. :-)

  5. My Grandmother had a wool holder just like that! Lovely findds Deb xx

  6. Love the little wool holder, a very useful thing. Scrolling through all your lovely finds and there is the exact same Orphan print I had 40 odd years ago when I was little. My sister had the tramp. They now hang on my grown up daughters bedroom wall. Lovely.

  7. I have a 2 tone blue wool holder just like that! I bought a set of the same cups & saucers for my girl about 3 years ago and then recently found a 3 tier cake stand as well- it really is a lovely pattern! I think it may have come out as a complete dinner service because an friend of my aunt has a gravy boat the same pattern, so keep a lookout for other pieces.

  8. Oh is that what that basket thing is. I passed up a very pretty vintage one a few weeks back as i couldnt' figure out what it was exactly. Doh!

  9. They are great finds. I love the wool holder especially it's colors. I have a house exactly the same as one of those, from an opshopt too, very nice idea to hang them on the wall, might steal that!


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