Thursday, January 19, 2012

This week I've been....

Trying to find my sewing mojo, it seems to have disappeared over the summer
Annie and I have been sorting things in tins,
love opening them and finding a burst of colour

Spent a lot of time hanging out with this kiddo

Working away at a cushion from an old skirt

enjoying Reuben working on his favourite child status
(once I heard an old lady say that any child who was well behaved was her favourite child)

Shedding tears over more buildings going down.
See that sign that says "Foodcourt"? I've walked past that so many times
how can it be coming down??

Grateful for the city planners who decided to plant a huge crop of sunflowers
in the middle of the new block of shops in the city.

Enjoying the Buskers festival in the hot sun!


  1. loving that purple at the top- new to crochet, apparently in my honeymoon phase- I am looking at photos like these with new eyes! Hope you are going ok Deb

  2. Looks like you've had a great week!

  3. sorting in tins sounds like a perfect way to entertain a small person. So satisfying too!!!

  4. Creativity is in your soul. Your blogs are wonderful. Just think of your summer as nurturing time for newer more exciting arty pursuits this year.

  5. I think the sunflowers were a nice touch, definitely needed to keep people's hopes up. Your kids are great! xx


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