Tuesday, January 31, 2012

You probably only want to read this post if you are Annie-Rose' Uncle, Aunty or Grandparent....

I took a few pictures of Annie because she is getting her hair cut.

She was in a happy mood and playing up for the camera!

This is my thoughtful pose!

And my scary pose!

Baby on the move

Reading books

Oh so cute!

Really, how cute can she get??

Loads of my friends are commenting on their facebook status
that their babies are starting highschool,
but I still have Annie-Rose to keep me company for some time to come!

Aren't I just the most lucky??
(yes that is a laundry mountain in the background,
don't worry I've folded it already)

Yes I am.

Gratuitous baby posting over,
normal posting will resume tomorrow!


  1. I love it Deb, these photos are so precious!

  2. It is a real blessing to have a wee one when your other children are in their teens, my daughter is 13 years younger than our eldest son and there is 8 years between her and the youngest son. I think she has actually kept me young!

  3. My youngest is in year 8 this year. She kept me company when her older siblings left the nest as her nearest one is 10 years older than she is. She chooses her own clothes, shops for her school things and makes biscuits etc for her school lunches...I just pay the bills! I might be babysitting the youngest granddaughter if her mother gains a short term job soon so I'll have a smiley one year old to occupy my time :).

  4. I love her little skinned knees. :-)

    What a happy child she is. Who cares about folding laundry with that smile!

  5. She's very cute. I love the floral cushion and it's sooo good to see your laundry tossed on the couch-looks just like my place;)
    PS Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog.

  6. Aw Deb she's such a cutie-pie. Besides, it's your blog, you put whatever you want on it!

  7. she is precious...those braids are too cute....she has changed so much since i first began reading your blog.


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