Wednesday, February 15, 2012

{brain dump} or {random ramblings}

Righto first up, why is it every single time you decide to tidy up your reading list
and "unfollow" a few blogs that you don't read so often,
someone "unfollows" you?? 

What's with that?? is it just blogging karma??
or do people really only follow you because you follow them??

I'd addicted to these Johnson plates.
They are scarce as hen's teeth here luckily (or my kitchen would be buldging!!
 But I have a few now! I love thrifting don't you??

Yesterday I got two amazing knits for the coming winter.
They are drying on the rack as we speak.

Here's number 10! Honestly is there a corner that is not improved by a tea trolley?
The living room is 100 times tidier by the addition of this beauty
which David thinks is Kauri! Win. Thanks Trademe.
No more tea trolley's for me, I think....

I've lost my making mojo a bit at the moment,
although this book is super inspiring. Have you seen it? I want to make everything in it!

I'm struggling with some bee blocks I'm doing
and so I feel like I can't do anything else.

I did pull the fabric from my stash to make the simple quilt in here.
Every now and again I sew a seam.
You know the drill, I'll tidy the bathroom, sew a seam.
Just put the potatoes on to cook, sew a seam.

Eventually I'll have something to show!!
Hopefully I'll get to my to-do list soon. 

I'll have to fight my way back onto flickr to apologise for my over-due bee blocks.
Does anyone else find flickr difficult?

Who would have thought February would be so difficult.

It's beginning to feel like autumn. It was dark when I got up this morning.
The 22 is looming. It's hard to get past.

I'll be glad when it's over, that one year anniversary.
I keep seeing cool stuff happening around the city 
I'll have to get up early one morning and photograph it for you all.

but then you watch the news and last night they said
half of the demolition in the CBD has been completed.

Half! Half! Have you been there??
It already feels like there is nothing there.

I know we should be excited about the new city we are going to have
but it's hard to get past the constant, relentless demolition.

The roads are clogged with trucks full of rubble,
honestly I was waiting at the lights the other day and counted five.

Right, that's me. What's up in your neck of the woods.
Do tell. Please.


  1. I had to laugh about people "unfollowing" on blogger and your tea trolley habit. I would love to have a tea trolley habit but at present am only limited to one.

  2. ha ha ha, laughing post! yeh same thing with followers, but sometimes you need a clean up,
    I have just bought 2 tea trolleys - fantastic buys!
    I like the look of Mr 4 sq for tiki with aroha artwork I can glimpse

  3. Well, in our neck of the woods it is down right COLD(former spoiled beach girl). In the high 30's and lots of snow on the mountains, though I can't even see them today for all the clouds. We had hail the other night and are due for more tonight. Weird as last week it was sunny, but cool all week.

    Your 100% on the clean up. I too am amazed after all this time so much is still there.

    Get the "nesting" done and believe me the desire to stitch will come;-)

    bless you all,
    ps. I so miss flickr. Cancelled as we life was crazy there for awhile. Hope to sign up again.

  4. I recently picked up some cups like the plate in the bottom right corner. Thanks for helping me to identify them! It's hard when they have no makers marks like the older china cups do.

    In my neck of the woods, I'm still trying to organise our new house! We've moved to the more 'stable' area of the Northern suburbs. For some reason we get a lot of demoltion trucks go past which rattle the house and give me a fright sometimes. On the plus side we don't feel as many of the aftershocks though.

  5. Lovely post Deb, I hope you get your crafty mojo back soon. You sound like you have lot's of things on your mind at the moment, especially with the 22nd coming up.

    Your post the other day made me cry for such a long time, I've only been able to bring myself to leave you a comment today!. . . it's hard realising that it is almost a year on, I'm living on the other side of the world and I still jump whenever a heavy truck goes past or someone stomps on the wooden floors to hard. Thank you for continuing to prompt discussions on the effect its had in all of our lives and not letting us forget

  6. I do unfollow people and yes it gets reciprocated. I actually feel bad though because I think there are people following me and I am not following them. God, I feel like I am a third grader.

    What is new here. The sun is shining. I am really looking forward to Spring.

  7. I'm with you on the 'trade-off' syndrome with following. I know there's a few followers of mine who I don't follow and vice-versa but it's nice to receive the odd reply that acknowledges a comment you make and also to give replies to comments on your posts. It's a social acceptance thing but some need more acceptance and recognition than others :).
    The sun is shining here (YAY!) and I have to pack for my couple of days away. Crossing fingers it's not raining on the long drive to Sydney tomorrow! I don't care if it pours on the train ride home as I will be a passenger then :).

  8. Tea trolleys are very handy Deb! I just can't imagine you loosing your mojo, what about crocheting some doilies for your tea trolleys, you've got plenty of thread sweet-lol. You're probably knackered too with school going back and your course and everyday living! Must try for another coffee catch up soon.

  9. Love those wee birdy embroideries.

  10. I try to tidy up my reader and then all the blogs I try to clean-out just reappear!!! Strange...

    I'm in a bit of a makey rut too... going to pull myself out of it today - just as soon as I pull myself off the couch!

  11. Love your frames in the first photo! I have a tonne of them and I'm doing a wee blog series on re-purposing them and trying to find new life for them. Yes 22nd soon! Wow.

  12. I'd say that anyone who is so sensitive that they unfollow you if you stop following them a)has too much time on their hands if they know who follows and who doesn't by name and b)is petty and is only blogging for the numbers. I know my numbers go up and down on my blog and also on Instagram, but whatever! I think sometimes people follow you hoping for a follow back, which is ummm...not the way to go about it.

    Have you ever been to the old china shop out on Otago Peninsula? We were there last year and it nearly blew my mind all the stuff she has. Rooms and rooms full of just about every single pattern known to man - and few that aren't no doubt!

  13. I can't even begin to imagine what you all have been through down there. :( About blog followers, I don't even ever know how many I have, so I would probably not notice if someone stopped (and I think I only have around 30 or so, LOL!). Of course, I'm not a very faithful blogger.

  14. Oh! And I forgot ... I LOVE those plates! Like, deeply love them.

  15. My heart used to get very hurt when people unfollowed me on IG. Especially if I felt we were forming a friendship and had seemingly an excellent rapport. Then I would feel SO awkward about following them back still in fear of them thinking "would she just rack off already!" Then I recently got a comment from someone on my blog 6 months after I apparently said something very hurtful to them.

    I of course felt terrible (see a pattern here?) I immediately emailed and apologized and explained and no reply. The penny dropped that they just wanted to make me feel bad (as that is also what happened on IG and they had immediately unfollowed me). It was just their own brokenness though. We all are, just in different ways.

    P.s I love the thrifty finds posts!


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