Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Playcentre! We have missed you so bad....

We went back today!
The last time was 29 September... such a long time ago.
Poor Annie was so sick last term, we just had to let it go.
But oh my it was lovely to be back.

Luckily Annie's best-friend-in-all-the-world Archie was there
to share the morning with her.

And as I was parent help today, I set up some of her favourite activities.
Play dough (we made eggs on toast) and promised some real cooking on friday.

It was Ila's birthday. (Ila's mum Victoria is so beautiful, she dresses like I wish I could
and she is the nicest person, I love being on session with her)
There was chocolate cake to share!


We got to play on all the equipment again,
oh how we have missed the slide and the playground equipment.

But I had missed the other mums, I think I had a back-log of words to use up.
I love these girls, they are so nice to hang out with twice a week.
Playcentre is not just for kids, it's for the mums too
and the girls at Lyttelton Street must be the bestest bunch around, lucky me.

These two were singing their hearts out....

Aren't they the cutest!!

Oh it was great to be back.


  1. Love Annie's new hairdo- but oh my! She looks SOOO grown up!

  2. Always good to be back among friends. Hope you two can continue to go.

    blessings, jilly

  3. Such a cutie your Annie Rose! I remember when my children were in school I could not wait for summer vacation, then about two months later I could not wait for school to start!

  4. Pleased to have found your delightful blog! I had a quick look at your thrifting posts and your lovely caravanning! Very jealous!
    I'm now following and can't wait to stalk your blog to look at more of your delightful quilts! Please come say hi at Just For Daisy next time you sit down with a cuppa! x

  5. What great and joyous pictures! It is always good to be back with friends, no matter how old you are.

  6. You are so right about it being for the mums too. Great pics, love the one of them singing, very sweet.

  7. What a lovely post Deb! You made me remember how much fun I had taking Cam to playcentre. We used to have such a great time there :-) I'm a bit sad now that he's at school.


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