Thursday, February 16, 2012

Things I'm loving....

I'm loving that when Annie wants a snack
she pops out to the garden and gets some peas out of the garden.

I"m loving watching my wee honey jump and jump on the trampoline!

I'm loving the hair cut, it's so cute!

I'm loving the sunshine, but enough bite in the air
to put on a wee cardy.

This sweet one knitted by my awesome cousin Fiona in the UK!

I'm loving that my Lady Barbara rose has a flower this week.
I planted it for my friend Sally's mum who is so awesome (she's Barbara)
I can't believe it's five years since Sally died, miss you still Sal xxx

I'm loving the beautiful stash of wool I brought from Red Ridinghood Yarns
("All the better to knit you with my dear!!")
and imagining the amazing blanket I'll finish, oh probably in 2035!!

Linking up for the first time with the amazing Kirsty,
it's one of those weeks you know,
the ones when you need to notice the good stuff!


  1. isn't it amazing what those little people can do. these pictures are awesome. love the little sweater. wish i could knit.

  2. I love Annie's hairdo - gorgeous little gal!!

  3. It really is the simple things that warm our hearts every day isn't it? Love the colours of the wool. the rose is beautiful and Annie is just a little doll.

  4. Lovely post - love the colour of your rose, and all those beautiful wools.
    (Just popped over from Kristy's link - hi!)

  5. Awww that pic of her jumping on the tramp is ADORABLE

  6. you always notice the good stuff Deb xx

  7. How cute is your daughter! I love that she likes picking peas from the garden. My kids do the same when they are at my mums house :)

  8. Drooling over your wool! Cute haircut too!!

  9. Yum, peas fresh from the garden! Love the cardi, its adorable!


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