Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Today I'm loving...

the thrifted blue enamel teapot I put Chocolate Milk in for Reuben's Birthday!
all the flowers in the road cones this week in Christchurch,
makes the heart warm!

The incredible art work on the exposed wall of this building
(I hope to get some more pictures sometimes when the light is right)

Warm apple crumble... my favourite!

The little pieces of Auntie Cookie fabric Chrissy brought back from Sydney for me.
Just the touch I needed for the hope quilt I'm working on!

Raw edges and hand stitching,
somehow so appropriate for a quilt reflecting on the journey of the last 12 months.

The wooden bowls I brought for Roo's birthday. (50c each)
I should put them away but I can't stop myself from using them.
They feel so lovely in your hand and make the food look great!

This summer I set myself a challenge to make no lettuce salad.
Loving watercress... it's so so lovely.

Adding some more little houses to my collection.


The fact I've managed to give up coke zero at last.
Still enjoying a real coffee every day though!

Also still loving the extra storage a tea trolley gives and how much tidier it makes the house!

Oh I have a surprise for Saturday!!
Can't wait to tell you :)

Linking up with Kristy here.
Thanks Kristy for encouraging us to find the good in our week.


  1. Let me guess....... A tea trolly !

  2. love the raw edges and the hand stitching. so beautiful! and congrats on giving up coke zero! i gave it up about 2 months ago. we're all the better for it! :)

  3. What a lovely post, all the pretty pictures makes me happy!

  4. Lovely list of loves! Love apple crumble, and watercress, and I loved the idea of the flowers in road cones - such a special way to commemorate the 22nd.

  5. What a beautiful post - the flowers, wall art and so loving Auntie Cookies fabric!!!


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