Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Urban Camping...

Hmm these photos are a bit fuzzy, sorry, the camera mustn't be working properly.
Reuben turned ten on monday and we were able to camp on a local property and such fun we had.
First afternoon tea, chocolate milk in an old teapot, lollies, chocolate yoghurt and biscuits.
Plenty of energy for the putting up of the tents!

It was the most beautiful afternoon and we sat around in the sun.
The kids ran around like mad things exploring and chasing each other.

They drank apple juice and lemonade from the old jam-pan.
Kids always love ladling in their own drinks.

They cooked their dinner, rice rissotto and dried peas
and bacon and sausages. 

They snuggled on quilts and under blankets.

A simple sausage is always acceptable it seems.

We made a camping cake (with some help from my friend Kate)
Those two sesame street characters have been on more cakes than I can remember,
I think I've done 45 birthdays so far in my career as mum, quite a few more to go I feel!!

This is why I make quilts! The kids love them.
After tea they snuggled up and watched the fire burn.

Until it was time to cook those marshmallows on some sticks.
Perfect end to the day.

The next day we made breakfast, cleaned up and got them all off to school
with packed lunches. They loved it and so did we.

Oh yes a late summer party wouldn't be the same without some
backyard cricket would it!!

Reuben was completely happy, all his besties around him
and all having fun. Just what this sweet boy needed!


  1. We are in the depths of winter here and I am enjoying your summer pictures. :-)

  2. so much fun!! i love that your beautiful quilts are being used and loved, not just hanging over a couch or folded up on a shelf. :)

  3. Absolutely perfect party confirmed by all those happy little faces. I'm glad your quilts are used as well. Mine are all well used,that's why we make them!

  4. Happy Birthday, Reuben! It sure looked like a great day. Been thinking of all of you today - the 22. Hugs, Barb


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