Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Benefits of a giant sort out.....

Tuesday is a work day for me but there were no quotes to do (that will be Thursday)
so David delegated James and I to sort out what he described to us as a 'clump or hump'
of stuff at our yard where we store all our gear.
(James works for us now)

James and I kinda imagined, you know, a 1 metre pile of bits and pieces to sort
but when we got there it was as a huge pile taller than us!

Anyway we got stuck in and sorted it all out in a jiffy
and dealt to it all. One trailer load of donations to the City Mission made their day.
It was great, we like working together.

Anyway we found this clothing rack I had brought for Annie a couple of years ago
and seeing as she is going through a full on dressing-up phase
we thought we would bring it home for her.

We hung it with all her bits and pieces which heretofore were stuffed in a suitcase
I must say it looks way more attractive hanging up!

Look at this face!
Annie was so so happy and excited and promptly tried on 7 outfits!
I think a coat of paint would be good for the rack
but the colour does not effect how much fun she has anyhow.

All around Christchurch I'm sure people are doing the same thing. 
Most of us have to empty our homes when our name comes up for our house to be repaired
and you get about three weeks notice.
I wonder what other treasures I'll find in the epic sort out I'm embarking on!!
Next up: the linen cupboard.

By the way, two Annie posts in a row?
sorry about that. I actually have some crafty progress to show
progress not completion, seems a long time since I finished something!
but tomorrow all being well, should have some pictures to show.


  1. hooray for the big clean out!!! i have been feeling the need to do the same thing.

  2. I wonder if things will be hung back up when she has used them? Brilliant idea though, much easier for her. I've been cleaning out years of hoarded rubbish lately too, it feels so good when it is all done and tidy.

  3. Awww this brings me back to when Faith was littler and loved dressing up. Aww I miss that now!


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