Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Could you sponsor my friend??

The first time I met Maddie I was star struck!! Her blog is a festival of colour and delight and I couldn't believe that I got to meet her in real life. But the more we met the more I liked her. We shared inner geeks!! Sadly she moved across the water to Brisbane, although I still count her as my friend!

She's shaving her head for a good cause and I wondered if you might like to sponsor her.

Here's what Maddy says....

And speaking of hair, I’d love it if you would sponsor me for the Leukemia Foundation ‘World’s Greatest Shave’ event. I’ll be shaving all of my hair off to raise money for the children who don’t get a choice about losing their hair. Today, 31 Australians will get the news they have blood cancer. Your donation will support them from the moment they are diagnosed. All the Leukemia Foundation’s services are free. It would be great if we can keep it that way. If we all pitch in a dollar, we can totally kick my $1000 goal in the butt! …and hopefully one day cancer too… For everyone who has already donated, I can’t thank you enough. You are really really wonderful.
Here’s my before and ‘artist’s impression’ after photo…

Do you want to help?? Click here to follow the link. Thanks folks! I'm off to Playcentre today, see you later!!

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  1. I shaved my head bald for my mom and raised about $1500.00 for the Canadian Cancer Society.

    This is what I wrote about it in June 2005. My mom had just lost her hair (for the first time.)

    "On Being Bald.
    When I first decided to shave my head I was concerned. What was I going to look like? What if I hated it? Would I have to call in sick for the next month until it grew out? Well I didn't have to worry about any of those things. I love it! It feels fantastic and I don't have to do a thing to it in the morning. I have had everyone compliment on it! So, I have decided to keep it this way for the summer! I feel so liberated with this new hairdo. I recommend everyone at least try going bald at least once. It's great!"


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