Wednesday, March 28, 2012

My Creative Space: Conquering the Zipper

One of my goals this year and the year before and the year before... etc
was to conquer the zip.
Well I don't know about conquered but we are on speaking terms.
I've been using Randi's awesome tutorial.

It's a great tutorial, I have been stealing 10 mins here and 10 mins there 
and making these over the last few weeks.
They are not perfect, this one has weird roundy corners,
don't know why this happens. Chrissy took this one.

The one bottom right is lined with nylon fabric to keep the ah, damp underwear
that Annie creates sometimes on our outings. 
The lining sticks out too high and the zip doesn't work that well.

This one is not too bad. Still had odd corners.
I'm keeping templates in it for some Easter Bunnies I'm making.
(as an aside, I'm determined Easter is not all about Chocolate this year)

This one looks great, except that's the lining...

I put the zip on inside out or back to front or whatever.
The inside is super pretty!!

They are super fast to make in small snippets of time
and the zips are 50c each at Kutwell Fabrics and the fabrics all from my scrap bin
so I can keep on practicing.

This one is not too bad, shame it's such a weird shape.
But it holds a pair of scissors, some panadol and a pen to keep in my Playcentre bag.

I love them all actually. I just wish they were perfect.
Oh I made another one for my long-suffering friend Deb,
hopefully she can put her specs in it, but it may be too um, narrow. 
Perfection is so over-rated.

Ah well, I can think of 101 reasons you need a zippered pouch for,
so I'll keep right on practicing!!!

Other much more successful crafty types here.


  1. Yay for you!! Very impressed, :o) and yes perfection is entirely overrated in most areas!

  2. Lovely purses & I think you have nailed the zip part! If you want to make the bottoms of your purses a little better then try 'boxing' them. It's really easy & it gives a bit more room in the purse too. This tutorial is for a bag but it is very well demonstrated, just adjust the measurements to suit your purse, probably just measure down 1/2 an inch to start with.

  3. Haha! Perfection? I have never acheived that with any of my zippers yet. So overrated.

  4. I still have not conquered the zip (too scared!), so well done!! I have been told by all my pouch-making friends, that it is easy, and to practice.....maybe I need to find a place that sells 50 cent zips! It certainly is not that price a spotlight :P

    Thanks for the inspiration!

  5. Zipper pouches are sooo handy!
    Brilliant for gifts too, I'm always giving them away with some little things in them. Gorgeous Deb!

  6. Speaking terms is good! I love a zippered pouch and it took a massive bag of brand new zippers for a couple of dollars at the local oppy to make me feel like it was 'time' embrace the fear! My Annies mates have been pretty happy recieving zip pouches for their 10th birthdays, a few have gone out now.

  7. Well done you! Thought you might like this tutorial I put together for zip purses too... Lisa xx

  8. these are beautiful, the fabric is amazing

  9. Practice makes perfect and zips in skirts are much easier to do than zips in pouches. Just wondering if you clip the corners as sometimes this helps the corners to be squared(pointed) instead of rounded. These look fine and top marks for trying something new!
    Lol about the inside out zip - I've made a pair of trackpants and sewn one leg on inside out. I cheated and made both legs a bit narrower rather than unpick it all :P!

  10. The do say that practice makes perfect....

  11. How very 'you' Deb!!
    Glad you are joining in with the hex group, you are one of my top inspirations when it comes to vintage sheets!

  12. wow! you really went for it! the pouches are great and your fabrics are just perfect. great job!

  13. I love the beautiful fabrics you have used, especially that one with the deer. Cx


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