Wednesday, March 7, 2012

My creative space....

Well it's ages since I had anything to share here.
I knitted Reuben some wrist warmers from some thrifted wool last winter
and he loved them. but the wool turned out to be manky.

I brought this wool from Trademe (there is more and more lovely wool there)
and this week my wool winder arrived (also brought on Trademe)
so I wound it into three balls with the help of Chrissy.
This is much harder than I could possibly imagine,
is there a trick to winding wool?? (think epic knots)

Anyway once all that was done, I started knitting the wrist warmer 
using the pattern from Purl Bee. 
It uses 3mm needles which I had, but oh they are tiny.
It's knitting up lovely though. I'm terrified I'm going to lose heart
and only knit one!!

Yesterday was a good mail day because my templates arrived from Katy
and also some lovely fabrics from Fabric worm.
I want to hand piece this over the winter!

Aren't they lovely?? Hmmm such delicious colours.

I've been working away on these.
My first foray into paper piecing, all being well these bee blocks will be winging their way
across the world next week. (One more day sewing I think)
Paper piecing was on my quilting bucket list and I'm pleased to have tried it,
maybe mastered it?? don't know. I love the preciseness of it.

To keep my momentum up I've been sewing square together for a couple of quilts
a bit of quick sewing helps me keep on track.
These are hanging on my design-door!!

And these three quilts I showed you the other day
are sitting waiting for the same treatment.
The colours look delicious. 

Well it doesn't feel like I've been doing much apart from those paper piecing blocks
but thinking and dreaming and planning is all part of it isn't it!!

More creative spaces here.


  1. Your paper piercing is beautiful! I thought you meant opping holes in paper to make art when you said paper piercing. Quilting lingo gets me ever time!!!!

  2. Your new fabrics look fantastic, and I love the photo right at the bottom - sweet colours all mixed up. I'm sure they will make some absolutely gorgeous quilts.

  3. Thinking, dreaming, savouring - yes all part of the fun. It must be winter, I just bought some yarn today thinking of wristlets for me

  4. Oh your new fabric looks beautiful. I am really loving strong colours at the moment!

    I have just discovered a series of post called something like paper piecing for the terrified. It explains it all really clearly so I'm thinking I may have to give it a go... I'm too new to quilting to be terrified by it yet,so reckon its best to jump in with both feet and give it a try... don't you think?!?

  5. Oh, great job on the piecing. It looks so crisp and tidy. My blog friend Amy does a lot of paper piecing--you might be interested in seeing her projects:

  6. Love the gorgeous new fabrics and the colours in the wrist warmers. I love paper piecing for the accuracy though I really don't do enough of it. Maybe next Quilt?

  7. lots of making going on at your place...LOVE that first photo, the vibrant colours and the texture. Beautiful!

  8. So love your quilting, you could turn out to be a bad (good) influence on me!

  9. One day I will try paper piecing! Looks terrific! You have done a great job!
    I love the colours of the wrist warmers. I really want to try some of these soon so thanks for the link!
    New fabric is very pretty too! Lucky you!

  10. So much glorious colour. What a beautiful creative space you have. Lovely. Paper piecing... I still have moved past pentagons for soft play balls... and they're not neat either. You are such a talent.


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