Friday, March 23, 2012

My Place and Yours: my kitchen!

The lovely Lou hosted My Place and Yours this week, 
although poor darling didn't have many linkers.
Perhaps folks were not too keen on showing their kitchens??

Anyway this is a warts-and-all view of my kitchen,
I decided not to tidy or rearrange it, just show it like it is.

We have possibly the ugliest table known to man in the kitchen,
but I love having a table in the kitchen and it looks ok with a cloth on it.

Corner of the bench has a basket of fruit,
always lemons!

This is my favourite part of the kitchen with my special shelves
and my coloured pots. Eggs by our own chickens.
All my treasures stuck down with blue tack. It works. They didn't fall down last feb.

The tea trolley, which was added as a bench for the 20 litre water container
we had here for months, but now holds things like drink bottles, cake tins
and such like. It did have the coffee machine but it died in spectacular fashion
and of course the empty space was quickly re-allocated!

We have the drawer of pretty china for those of us that love it,

and cups for every one,

and the drawer of mainly white china for those who like that best too.
Compromise is alive and well in my kitchen.

Some old things on tops of my cupboards,
this old jam pan I did in my decoupage phase!

You look from the kitchen through our dining/living room to the outside.
It's lovely to have the outside coming in on fine days like today.

For this week, I thought we could take a picture in your neighbourhood,
no hard and fast rules about what, just something you see every time you go out.

Link up below, don't be shy just take a picture of something in your neighbourhood
and write a few words and add the link to your post
and I will pick someone to be the Theme Queen next week...


  1. I like your kitchen and I especially like the shape and splayed legs on your kitchen table....not ugly to me at all.

  2. Sadly I just never got round to taking pictures of my kitchen, not because I didn't want to share but things got in the way, however I have nothing to do tomorrow so may have to explore the neighbourhood or the street more like.

  3. I could go crazy in your kitchen lol! All that gorgeous vintage china etc etc, it looks so beautiful and like home, you should be very proud of it, it's fabulous.

  4. We have the same bread tin!!!

    Wish I could have a table in our kitchen ... but it is just too narrow.

  5. Fiddlesticks! I finished my post but didn't make it to the linky in time. Must remember next time that NZ is a day ahead. :)

    I love your jamming pot! Chickens are the berries! Your kitchen is very charming.

    My kitchen pictures are here:

  6. A lovely kitchen, I like the mix and match china potpurri.

    (as an afterthough, linky tools seems not to be working, yesterday it had internal problems and today it's not showing here anymore)

  7. Oh I just put a linky post up on my 'new' I'm trying it out blogger blog and I missed the linky!

    You can see it here


  8. Linky thingie has expired... so here is my neighbourhood...

  9. I'm having a play this week


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