Friday, March 30, 2012

My Place and Yours: The Strandkorbtraum Edition

 Today in the Robertson family, it is all about the bike! David is participating in his sixth Le Race today, a 100km grueling ride through the hills from Christchurch to Akaroa. We are going by car to pray nervously on the sideline and cheer manically when he arrives in one piece pretending we always thought that was going to be the outcome!!!
So I've got up bright and early to write this post and realised that Chrissy
has taken my mac to keep her awake while she works an all nighter in her job as a security guard
so I've had to search on David's work computer for some (random) pictures!!!

Sorry about the linky thing for My Place and Yours last week,
I finally figured out that you have to pay money to use the tool (it used to be free)
and so that's why it disappeared to unceremoniously.
Thanks so much all you who joined in,
I haven't got to visit you all get but hope to this weekend.
We won't have linky this week, and next week is Easter so I think we will have a break
so if this week you could link in the comments that would be great!
I promise Mr Linky will be back because he told me so after I paid my money.

Righto, strap on your seatbelts because this week we are off to Germany to visit Leonie.
Leonie is a quilter in a country without many quilters
and a student and a dabbler in many crafts, here's a good example here
and although she is busy she agreed to host today.
She has a good topic that you all can join in I promise, no tidying required
So don't delay and pop over and say hi to Leonie and join in the fun.


  1. Woo! I loved the theme. My post was a little late but I couldn't resist!

  2. Thanks Deb, I will pop over there now to join in. x

  3. Thanks for entering my giveaway Deb! Hope the bike ride went ok, sounds pretty gruelling, but there is nothing more satisfying than conquering a whole lot of hills!


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