Friday, March 9, 2012

My Place and Yours....

I loved seeing where you sleep, didn't you?
Such fun! as Miranda would say. Do you watch Miranda?? she's awesome!
Do you like my notice board here??
It's a vintage tray stuck on wall and then I put whatever I want on it with magnets.
I love it. It means no pin holes in my precious post cards.

This is an enamel place with the scrubbing brush
the hand wash and a rock my mum painted for me for Christmas.

Do you know what room we are in this week??
It's the laundry! My laundry is tiny, super tiny
and it's right by the back door. We don't have a front door
so everyone who comes to our house walks by the laundry.

I try hard to keep it nice.
Mostly I fail in all honesty, but I try.
I keep my laundry powder in this enamel bowl and my napisan in this large glass jar.
Those horrible marks on the window are from the cats 
who constantly squeeze in and out any open window in our house.
Must clean the windows, or bribe someone to do it for me.

This tea trolley sits on one side of the laundry
(the other side has a full length bench with a sink,
the washing machine and dryer and one set of small drawers)
It holds the chicken food (the mice kept getting into it under the sink)
and a whole heap of other stuff that I didn't have a home for before.

The repair man nearly died last time I got my washing machine repaired
until I wheeled the trolley out.
I think he thought I was going to make him squeeze in the tiny gap
between the tea trolley and the washing machine. 

The kids complain there is not enough room to get to the dryer
but I'm way the fattest person in our house and I can do it!!

On the wall is this painting I painted while my friend Sally was dying
it says live laugh love. All things Sally did so well. Good friends are irreplaceable!

This cross stitch from my Country phase
I mean I had to hang it because I put so much work into it,
but it is very country. Actually my sister Jo might have finished this for me.

I run a busy ministry for divorced socks
which are all stuffed into this bag made from an old tea towel.
Last time we had a speed dating night, I made 52 pairs of socks. 
Yeah. Moving right along.

I hang some cute stuff in there, just cause I spend so much time in there.
This heart was made for me by an eccentric lady when I was about 15. 
It's still cute and I still like it.

The cats get fed on the bench to stop the dog eating their food.
Cat food makes the dog's ears itch.
These old dishes bounce. They have fallen off in a few after shocks
but still seem fine. The cats like their pretty dishes!!
By the sink I have the bucket you know for many purposes
and a basket with random things
like woolens to be washed and some fabric for dyeing next time I get the dye out.

I keep a spare bag of spud and a spare bag of flour in here for emergencies
we have them you know, emergencies, so I'd be pretty stupid to not be prepared.
Must be due for another big one soon.
So that's my laundry but I'm dying to see yours.
I wish I could get Selina to post hers. She has a laundry fetish in the best possible way
and the cutest of cute accessories to go with it.

Anyway I'm looking forward to seeing you join in,
don't be shy, it doesn't have to be perfect.
Although if you did have a bit of a tidy up before you take pictures (ahem)
you will only feel so much better every time you walk past it for the next few days!!!

Come on and join in the fun
add the link to your blog post below....


  1. I love that you have art in your laundry!

  2. I have a 'Ministry for Socks' too :-) I used to buy all the same socks for my (then teenage) girls and I, so that it didn't matter about pairing them up... Knee high blacks for school, work and play... Didn't work for long though! They broke free from the black. I love your laundry! So interesting. I looked at mine and thought ugh boring. I shall go find a piece of art for mine. Thank you :-)

  3. Deb, you're such a hoot. And you manage to make the most mundane room in the house interesting. Can't wait to see your blog for the littlest room in the house;)

  4. And there's another Tea Trolley!!!! You certainly fit a lot into your little Laundry Deb. Your mention of woolens reminds me I have a couple of cardigans in the machine that I spun yesterday. Better go hang them out.

  5. I love your comments about a sock Ministry and speed dating - hilarious. I must say for such a small room you sure do get a bit of stuff in there. I'll have to talk some photos and try joining in. I actually quite like our laundry.

  6. ha ha ha speed dating for socks - I love you, you are so funny!

  7. Nice laundries Ladies ... my washer & dryer's in my bathroom I'm a no laundry lady, hence no post from me this week! See you next week at MPAY's.

  8. Well, better late than never, eh Deb? I am so inspired by your metal tray project....I'll be on the look out at the oppie :)


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