Sunday, March 4, 2012

Three quilts take a step forward....

Tania over at Myrtle and Eunice has a lovely expression
where she refers to her quilts as marinating a while.

Well these quilts definitely have marinated.

I cut two and a half inch strips of my favourite fabrics (at the time!!)
to make this quilt-a-long by Amanda Jean in May 2010.

But then they sat and marinated a while.

And I decided to make a Random Reflections Quilt in July 2010
and seeing I had my 2 1/2 inch strips cut, I decided to use them for this instead 
and cut all the white and sewed one block
but it just didn't do it for me really and so it sat for quite a bit longer.

Last year sometime I decided just to do something and sewed them into fours and cut blocks
and chose some other fabrics to alternate them 
and then it sat a bit longer.

This morning I woke before six and laid out what will be three quilts
one for my knitting friend Liz, and one for my sister Sharyn
(it is her Christmas present for last Christmas ahem)
and one for my niece Melissa who will be 18 this year.

I'd like to put a nice big border on them of some large print something
yet to be determined, like Sarah Feilke does for her quilts.
I'm really liking it.

The reason these photos are so yellow tinted is because it was still dark
when I took them, I just thought you might like to see how long some of these quilts
actually take because sometimes it looks like they magically appear on the blog.

I love getting up early, it's breakfast time now and the kiddies are waking,
but I've folded washing, put washing in the dryer,
made some savoury scrolls for their lunches,
had a quiet cup of tea and laid out three quilts.

It's a great start to Monday!
Have a great week folks


  1. You certainly have had a great start to your Monday. As for quilts marinating, you can't rush these things! :) They are looking good and I know you are going to enjoy making them and the finished product.
    Have a great week,
    Anne xx

  2. I love the early mornings too, so quiet before the world starts to intrude. The Quilts look pretty.

  3. your quilts are so lovely

    I love early mornings for running - just me and the sunrise

  4. so beautiful! i love all the fabrics you chose. :)
    (ps-you should be getting your package soon!! :) )

  5. O wow! I love love the colours in these quilts, I can't wait to see them take shape, they are gorgeous.
    So jealous about your early morning organisation, I'm afraid when you finish work at nearly midnight, it's just a dream :)

  6. Such pretty quilts!!! Every time I read your blog, I remind myself that I want to learn how to quilt!!!

  7. i have a few that are marinating!!! i loved looking at the changes this has gone through


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