Monday, March 26, 2012

Thrifty finds Thursday....

I was so happy to go out with my thrifting buddy James on Saturday
to the local Jumble sale! We got there nice and early and found a few treasures,
like this horse and foal for Reuben's bedroom.
His room is coming on nicely with all the bits and pieces we putting in it,
I'll have to do a show and tell soon!

The world's brightest tablecloth, it's vivid yellow
and a cute wee clock for the slowly growing collection.

This super cute paper weight for Chrissy, she loves all things French.

and this little squirrel which Annie claimed as her very own.
It's very cute and I don't find things like this very often.

Three fluffy pink towels with flowers on,
just what we needed as so many of our towels are getting manky.

And last but not least a lovely heavy knitted blanket,
it's just what I've been looking out for to have in the car.

It's not the softest blanket in the world, but it will be hard wearing
and perfect for what I had in mind.

Don't you love it when you find something to cross of your list?
Do you have a thrifty-finds list of things you looking out for??

More thrifty types here.


  1. Fabulous thrifty finds. That blanket will by fantastic to keep people warm.
    Anne xx

  2. I love that paperweight! As i am having a super-thrifty 2012 i have an ongoing op-shopping list. At the moment it just has red wool (to make a string of pom poms for clauds room) and plain wool blankets in pale blue, pink and green for a rag rug making course i hope to do later in the year. Those aside i've been looking for a large black tooled leather handbag for an day!

  3. The little squirrel is my favorite. I collect them.

  4. I do love that squirrel. I also love thrifted towels. 40 year old thrifted towels (made in Canada) that are in better shape than ones I bought 2 years ago (made in Bangladesh).

  5. amazing scores, and beautiful photos!

  6. I am always looking for deers. The blanket i would have bought too, it's so naive beautiful


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