Saturday, March 24, 2012

Time for a cuppa???

Annie has been enjoying playing "tea party" lately
so I got out her teacups and we had a "real" cup of tea.

We got out a teapot (and cosy) filled with water

and put some sugar and milk in the silver jug and bowl.

Then we had a delicious cup of tea.

So much concentration necessary for pouring the tea,
isn't it adorable??

It really doesn't take much to make a small child very happy
just a bit of focussed time and some imagination.

Annie did break one of these cups the next day,
but actually she is very careful with china cups and it's quite unusual for her to break them.
I think it's good for children to learn to use real china
rather than being surrounded by plastic.

This is one of the things I've changed over the years I've been parenting,
the less is more thing, works much better for all.


  1. i loved it when my Avery always wanted to have tea parties when she was little. these pictures are too cute. i am with you. i am so over the plastic dishware.

  2. How cute! I agree re the china, claud is very careful with ceramic things sice she got the idea that dada couldnt mend a broken cup like he can fix her toys.

  3. I love this! So awesome when kids are able to play so sweetly like this. I love your philosophy too, I agree! Loving watching Eleanor spend hours playing with her farm toys, while all the other toys remaining packed away (and tidy).

  4. This takes me back to my childhood. My sister and I both had a little china tea set and would play for hours doing just what your Annie is doing.
    Mum would let us dust the precious things in her china cabinet when we were quite young, we loved it. Some of the beautiful things in that china cabinet now live in our homes as she doesn't use them anymore and we treasure them.
    Anne xx

    P.S. I love how the teddies are sitting very attentively. :) So cute.

  5. Beautiful post! What a sweetie, and I love that china!

  6. Gorgeous! That is the most amazing teaset too.

  7. You are so right those UGLY plastic things .... With real china cups she will learn to be careful and to enjoy the taste of a real cup.of tea. I remember when I was young also loved to play like here.
    Hugs Baukjexxx


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