Monday, March 12, 2012

Today's thrifty finds...

Today was a good thrifting day. I found three more silver candle sticks for my collection.
Did I tell you the story about silver candlesticks and why I'm collecting them??

A ceramic salt container. So handy yet so cute.

A long thin tin perfect for hiding my scissors in.
The other night Reuben accidentally cut a power cord with my sewing scissors
and took a big chunk out of the scissors, shorted the power
and gave me and him a HUGE fright.

Having had the last two of these canisters I found broken,
I was stoked to find another one. Third time lucky???

And then something I have wanted for ages,
something on my thrifty bucket list.

A manual typewriter.

I'm happy.

I love all the little mechanical details.

It's in good going order and the ribbon seems fine.

I've popped it by our back door
and I thought I'd type an inspirational thought or two each day.
Just because I can!!

I'm happy. It's a good thrifting day.


  1. oh so drooling over that typewriter!!!! it's my dream to own one too. Love the colour!!!
    just watched a movie called One day where the lead had one similar and i was lusting over that one too....then I saw this!!! too cool YAY for you! love the idea of writing a few lines each day :)

  2. You seem to have the most amazing thrift stores over in New Zealand. All the ones I go to here in Australia only seem to be filled with rubbish. I love your finds and the typewriter is fab. My Dad has an old typewriter, I think it still works. Maybe you could post your inspirational little thoughts each day from your typewriter. :)
    Anne xx

  3. I have a typewriter like that. It's living in its case out in the garage waiting for the day all the computers might die and then it'll come back into it's own. I've had it since I was 15 or 16, waaaay back before when (eeek, am I really that old). I must go and dig it out again and see if the ribbon still has any life left in it.

  4. Oh you lucky one, the typewriter is a beauty. and silver candlesticks, you cant go wrong there. x

  5. Oh that typewriter is just fab! I love everything about it, lucky you! And such an awesome idea re the inspirational thoughts. When I last had a typewriter in the house everyone who visited would have a tinker... So much fun :-)

  6. oh my goodness, deb! God loves you. :) He's so good to give you such sweet blessings like these! :) lora

  7. You have reminded me how much I love typing on the typewriter. I need to go get it out I think. Sorry to hear about the accident with the scissors - that sounds like a scary story. Might see you at the coffee shop next month? You'll have to tell me.


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