Friday, December 28, 2012

Kid + Mum friendly craft for the holidays....

I keep seeing pom poms garlands around the blogiverse,
and the other day when I was in the Warehouse I spotted some pompoms
and grabbed a couple of packets and at the $2 shop I found some fine thread.

Annie decided she just wanted pink and purple ones
and Reuben was completely happy with the others.

I popped a needle on the thread and the kiddies threaded the pompoms on.

I was so surprised how good Annie was with the needle
so I think I might get her using them again over the holidays.

Reuben has been doing handwork at Steiner
and he easily did it and enjoyed the process.

It was so nice to see the kiddies working away together
with really such simple ingredients as a packet of pompoms and a sewing needle.

We hung two of the resulting strings in the caravan for us to look at as we lie in bed.

Aren't they lovely?? Such a great activity.

They just spaced them out as they saw fit.

Annie accidentally broke hers but they look so cute above her bed.

A bit of a distraction from the earthquake damage on the wall by her bed.

Little strings of happiness.
And not just for Christmas I'm thinking.
Try them over the holidays, perfect to hang up in the summer I think.