Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Road works, Road cones and a Triangle Quilt

This quilt has been fermenting in my mind for a while, 
(in fact I brought some fabric but used it for the This too will Pass Quilt)
and when I saw the neon fabric I knew it would be perfect for this quilt.
I also saw the triangle quilt along and the two things came together.
Here's what I have in mind.

There's some lovely posters appearing around Christchurch.
This one is my favourite. It's hard to not to feel overwhelmed in Christchurch.
I know some folks think everything is fine here now,
and I know good things are happening,
but sometimes it just gets to you.
There are good things happening, I'm not denying that.
But its so slow. So slow. 
The empty sections and the constant demolition mock the small pockets of progress.
Sometimes I'm ok. But sometimes I'm over it.
We run a small family painting company. It's hard work.
Everyone imagines that we are doing fantastically.
We aren't. Getting work from certain unnamed giant corporations
is like getting blood from the proverbial stone.
Day after day they grind you down with their demands and general rudeness
and to top it off they don't give you enough work to survive.
One of the things that are particularly difficult now
is the enormous amount of road works. 
Whole roads are closed for months at a time, and it constantly changes,
where you could drive yesterday, you can't drive today.

Just to give you an idea, here's a screen shot of the Transport for Christchurch website
showing road works and road closures. It's crazy.

So anyway back to the quilt,
I've decided to make a triangle quilt in neon (road cone) colours
and embroider road works words on some of the solid blocks.

Perhaps in fluro thread (every second person in Christchurch wears fluro)
I'll put things like "detour" "site access" "detour"
and all the other things that are on signs everywhere we try and go.

Maybe in 20 years time this will be a distant memory and my grandchildren
will ask me about this quilt and I'll tell them about how all the drains in Christchurch
had to be rebuilt after the earthquakes and how we could hardly move
for road cones and road works.

But in the meantime I'm going to channel my frustration and sadness
into making sense of it in my own way, by making the brightest quilt ever!


  1. I hear you! Love what you have to work with :D

  2. Oh Deb I really cannot imagine. I lived in Chch 2000-2007. I walked from the bus exhange to my work in High St (The Globe Cafe, in that building that burnt down recently) everyday. Now I see from your picture, that pretty much every building I walked past is gone. I was heartened to see Alice's has re-opened! All the gorgeous little places that had popped up on Poplar Lanes, where I used to shop and have a drink after work with dear friends. Having not been to Chch since October 2011, I just really can NOT imagine it still. I have family there, so we hear from them...but it is still, just so unbelieveable to me. You are all so brave, and doing so well. XO

  3. Gah! Hear you. You wouldn't think that having to plan your route every day in the knowledge that, you still won't win - you'll still get caught in a traffic jam with a screaming child because a road you used yesterday will probably be closed would get to you. But. It. Does.

  4. Deb, I love this idea. What a beautiful way to have an outlet for your feelings. I've been thinking of you lately and wondering what you were up to - it's nice to hear from you again! :)

  5. hey I hear you, my parents showed me their photos from Christchurch..we stayed in the camelot I dont think it's there any more? Hugs xx

  6. you go girl, how could Christchurch not survive and become a fantastic new city with amazing people like you. I know it must be really hard at times, but gosh you rock!

  7. I hear you Deb… wears you down. It is not like other hassles dont continue and they get magnified out of proportion. Constant tiredness is there too - worn out with the stress and changes and uncertainty.
    At least we are all in it together and sharing it with other local people does remind me to be grateful for anything I can be. I know it really coud be far worse, but nice to hear you feel the frustrations too.

  8. Wow. Wow at the devastation and wow at the rebuilding, and wow at the angst and frustration that all the building and road traffic has caused. I LOVE your idea for your quilt, not just because it'll be beautiful, but also because it'll serve as a tangible reminder for your family in the years to come of your love for your city, including its challenges.

    BTW, I can so relate to the frustration regarding having a painting company. We live in Ireland and I won't tell you how much money we've lost out on--tens of thousands--because of companies that won't pay, or have gone belly up after filling up the directors' coffers. My niece's BF is a quantity surveyor working in Wellington, and niece followed him out because there is no work here. God bless.

  9. this is going to be really beautiful deb....a perfect way to get out some of those emotions

  10. A brilliant idea for the quilt... quilts are perfect for telling a story...much like a song reminds you of a time in your life.
    Love that poster too....could do with posted around the house at the moment :) x

  11. Deb, I return your trans Tasman hug.....
    I cannot imagine the stress of loosing all that is familiar overnight.
    But I do know humans are wonderful and the human spirit does overcome, your quilts are a wonderful way to tell your story, and your children will be the lucky recipients of your art into the future.
    As to faceless men in large doubt you know all about sociopaths due to your studies!! Gahhhh!

  12. I can only imagine - but this quilt is going to be awesome!

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  14. Tell me about it! Can't wait to see the end result <3

  15. I think this is such a fantastic idea! A true commemoration of the time you Chchers are having of it.

    Fabulous, Deb. xxx

  16. Hi Deb,
    I've been following your blog since before the earthquake and ocassionally pop in to comment every now and then. I love this idea for a quilt and if I can ever find some free time (I'm a student studying transportation engineering) would love to try to make a transportation inspired quilt. I can't wait to see how yours turns out!
    I also love the quote you posted. Its great to see that someone has taken the time to provide inspiration and relief to the people of Christchurch through posters.
    Sending positive thoughts your way!


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