Monday, October 21, 2013

Deb - Don't get any big ideas...

You may have seen around about on the internet,
the fundraising page "Blessing deb" (which is me)
and you wonder what is so special about deb that she needs folk to fundraise for her?
Who on earth does she think she is??

Well let me tell you. I'm nobody special.
I often feel like I live in an 80's aerobic class,
everyone else knows what's up, they are swinging one way, while I swing the other!
Does anybody else feel like this??

For example I wanted to get some wool from the lovely Hannah
at Red Riding Hood Yarns.
And I had to email her about 40 millions times,
and then {shame upon shame}
I emailed her thinking I was emailing her PA,
even though I called her Hannah in the email.
I really hope all the rest of Hannah's customers are not as dumb as I.

On Monday I backed out of our drive and impaled my fairly new car
on the bull bars of the giant 4WD parked across the road.
I didn't like to mention that the last person I did that to,
died in the Christchurch Earthquakes. 

Sometimes people say to me I must be super woman,
but I really am not at all. I'm fairly good at time management
and I try to stick with what I think is important at the time
(cleaning the fridge or the stove do not come into this category)

I'm not very good looking (I forget to wear make up or do my hair)
and I am a bit fat and do too little exercise.

I'm really terrible at saying the right thing
if you are sick or sad or someone you love has died.
I really wish I could say something uplifting,
but words fail me (except when I'm writing and then it's easier)

But I really like making things and if I want to say "I love you"
I will often as not, make you something.

It's what I do best, and I want to keep doing it;
and frankly, I need your help to do this (much as it pains me to ask).

So far we are two-thirds of the way there,
and if you felt it in your heart to give a little,
I'd be super grateful.
 I'd probably even make you a quilt if you were sad or asked very nicely!

Deposit details are : 
03 1592 0638896 00 
Westpac T Aldridge & J Van der Heijden

Or Paypal Option:


  1. And we love you just the way you are. Looking forward to the auction, wish i had time to make something, would something supercool but op-shopped do? Maybe not. But i shall get around to a blessing deb post, just as soon as i get my op-shop post written. We'll get there xxx

  2. Nobody's perfect that's for sure, and it's not that we think you're a super woman (although I still think you're amazing and inspiring! ) but it's your kind and generous heart that stands out amongst everything that you do, and that's why dear deb you deserve to be blessed xxx
    ps: Yippee for a third of the way there

  3. oops me again! except not under Mikes persona! to check that he's signed out first....doh!

  4. Love that analogy to the 80s aerobics class because I definitely feel like that most of the time! Yay for 2/3 of the way - looking forward to the auction!

  5. Oh, that last bit made me burst into tears! I thought I was the only one like this post! I really wish I could afford to donate, Deb, but I'm really struggling at the moment, and have many good things I wish I donate to, you included- but know I'm crossing my fingers and hoping you get your machine!

  6. ha ha I'm up for an 80s aerobics class with you any time lady :o) As for not knowing what to say one of your hugs or one of your quilts does far better than many eloquent words xxx

  7. I always feel that way about my projects. Why ying when you can yang! lol. I enjoy your blog and find you inspirational.

  8. Thanks for the reminder Deb! I've -finally- put some $$ through, and am completely happy to do it!! I hope the target is reached soon! xx

  9. Lovely Deb, your Quilt hugs are amazing & your physical hugs are pretty darn good. You are the MOST deserving Wonder Woman I could think of to receive this blessing. You are one special friend xxx

  10. Lovely Deb, your Quilt hugs are amazing & your physical hugs are pretty darn good. You are the MOST deserving Wonder Woman I could think of to receive this blessing. You are one special friend xxx

  11. I had originally intended to make something as I'm not sufficiently financial to donate at the moment, but then everyone got sick and all making plans went out the window. I'm barely keeping up with my test knitting obligations.

  12. I thing every one feels out of sync with the rest of the world at times. Isn't that funny that our awkward singularity is actually a commonality.

    Do continue to think big - you do that really really well. x

  13. Deb, to God and a whole lot of us in this world, you are very special. Hope your quilting machine arrives soon.
    blessings, jill
    former Flickr swap partner, and gosh is it good to see you all getting your home fixed up....finally!!


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