Friday, October 18, 2013


It's weird to shift house, but not shift home.
Is it home here? or there.
And if you go back there, it's a Mess
and makes you want to never go back.

In fact its impossible at this point to imagine it ever feeling like home again,
and it's a drag to think we have to pack up here 
and unpack all that stuff again, ugh.

In the meantime, we love our wee temporary cottage
and being together here. The big kids pop in a bit too
and sometimes Chrissy stays the night. That's lovely.

I'm trying to stuff my brain with facts for my three hour exam
next friday. I feel like I'm permanently perched on my bed
writing, reading, researching.

It makes it harder to think about our other house
and deal with things that need to be one there
while I am fully trying to focus on the study.

In the meantime we are listening to lots of good music,
enjoying the sunshine and the change of scenery.

Reminding ourselves of what is actually important
and trying to look after each other as best we can.

Weirdly Reuben seems the least bothered by all the upheaval, go figure!!
Annie cries most days and wants her real home back.

I took her yesterday and showed her how her bedroom had no ceiling
I think that put her off a bit!!

In the meantime, discombobulated or not,
we are hanging in there!!


  1. Just keep swimming just keep swimming! hang in there - hopefully it's all over before you know it and next year can be a bit calmer x

  2. You really are an inspiration - probably feeling like a very stretched and strung out one, but I admire the effort this must require to remain calm under pressure. I know how much harder it is for adult students and Mums- and moving house on top of it all was terrible timing. Be kind to yourself xx

  3. I hope your little pixie girl brings some smiles. She is good like that :) xx

  4. I spent the first 24 years of my life in the one home. Since then? I've had lots of homes. It sounds like you've found a lovely little home for a while and yes, I can't blame you for not wanting to go through all the packing and upheaval again. Uni will be done soon and surely things will get easier.

  5. Ah but your wee boy's growing up! So so happy to hear that Reuben is coping well with the upheaval of the move.
    Good luck with the study- think of the fun you'll have in the holidays!!!

  6. I can not even begin to imagine what you are STILL going through my darling Deb
    But please do keep writing do keep sharing do keep allowing us an insight into your lives
    Love you Love you Love you


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