Tuesday, October 29, 2013

How to easily make a wall look interesting...

Recently I was sent a parcel of 3M command hooks to try out
and seeing as our walls are currently under construction,
I asked my friend Kate if we could decorate a wall in her girl's bedroom.

[This is before!]

She said yes, so I gathered some bits of pieces
and Kate did too and this afternoon we had a heap of fun decorating.

This is after!

Isn't is awesome? I love it.
The command hooks are kinda like velcro but not (interlocking technology apparently),
they lock together firmly but can be repositioned.

We cut some of the strips into little pieces and stuck up this little family of ducks,
how cool would this look in a bathroom?

We used them for the china plate and the wooden toy
you can still pull the string and make the limbs of the wooden toy work.

We even cut thin little strips and hung a precious letter for Tessa.

It even worked for the bunting, which is awesome
because of course the 3M strips come off the wall when you are finished with them
and don't leave any marks.
(I know this is true because I removed some off our walls recently
in preparation for the Earthquake repairs.)

I found a few interesting things to hang,
like this dog in his kennel. It really adds some life to the wall to be able to hang
all sorts of things.

 Command Picture Hanging Strips are available in white and black 
(for black-backed frames) 
and recommended retail prices starting from $8.49 
(for a pack of 4 strips)

The little girls were thrilled to bits with their fancy new wall
and Kate and I really really enjoyed doing it. It was an absolute blast.

By the way how cool are these drawers that Kate
painted with blackboard paint??
There are instructions for doing this here on the 3M website.

Here's some things that 3M say about their product....
  •   It’s as simple as placing the strips on your picture frame and fitting it to your wall – no tools, and no
fuss needed
  •  The Command Picture Hanging Strips work on a range of surfaces to help you create beautifully
decorated walls without a single nail hole.
  •  Available in large (holding up to 7.2kg), medium (up to 5.4kg) and small (holding up to 1.8kg), you 
can hang anything from a lightweight framed portrait to an oversized canvas print
  •   The strips can be purchased from all leading hardware, homewares and other retail outlets across 
New Zealand.

This vintage tray is now a noticeboard for the girls with magnets to hold their notes.
The good news is, that if you want to do this,
I have a set to giveaway. Leave your name and tell me what you would stick up
with this awesome product.

This is a sponsored post for 3M Command and Digital Parents Collective. Command Picture Hanging Strips provided complimentary 
samples for this post, however the opinions and content expressed within are completely my own.


  1. I would finally hang the pictures that got taken down to repaint our room. They have been sitting on the floor waiting for me to get motivated to rehang them.

  2. So many great ideas! I love the ducks, and the tray, and the plate... My 6yo is bored with his room so I am going to show him this for inspiration. I'm also inspired to get creative with the rest of the house as well :)

  3. oh Deb please!!!! I would totally steal your duck idea and one day when the boys came into the bathroom there would be ducks swimming across the wall - I love your work lady x love it xx

  4. 3M are so awesome. I've been trying to think of the perfect thing to adorn the walls in our newly renovated bathroom - your duck idea is perfect! The 3M strips would help me add perfection to my lovely new bathroom!

  5. Those ducks are awesome! I would probably hang up all of the gorgeous professional photos of my children I have yet to put up on the wall.

  6. make a start on hanging over 40 frames we took down before our house repairs.

  7. Love the duck idea. I was thinking about painting some cheap plastic dinosaurs and sticking them on the wall. I know a little boy that would love that.

  8. Yeah - I still have a big box under the bed of all our family photographs - I would really like to get them back on the wall :D


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