Monday, October 21, 2013

Operation Finish-all-the-Stuff - a progress report

Operation finish all the stuff has hit a snag.
It's true things are getting finished off.

But things are also being started! 
Ooops! I want to knit Annie a Mog for Christmas to go with her Mog books,
and I'm SLOW at knitting so I better start.

I've almost finished this, was-going-to-be-a-quilt,
now-a-cushion project. And I have to say I might do a quilt of this one day,
it's really lovely. I've completely hand pieced this and I'm happy with it.

I even sewed the ric rack on last night by hand
because I wanted to see how it looked!
I'll sew it down and quilt it at Shenleigh's sometime.
I have plans for this cushion to travel.

This morning I decided to pull out my Whirlygig quilt
which I started prepping months ago, (not pictured)
and found these colourful dresdens all cut out.
I have no idea what I planned to do to them,
but I think they need finishing off too, don't you!

Last night I cut out a roomy pair of pj pants for me out of a vintage sheet.
I love comfy pants when you are sitting around at night stitching,
not a pretty sight but comfy none the less!

And then of course there is the endless dressing gown.
Unbelievably slow to knit, but perfect to drag around everywhere.
If you are on instagram, you will see it pop up over and over!!

There's more things in the suitcase I brought with me,
but these are the ones I'm focussing on now.

If only I could get these exams over faster
and get on to them!


  1. comfy pj's are essential to life!! I recognize those dresdens :) Looking forward to seeing what you create with them... but I am especially keen to see MOG!! x

  2. I am loving your hand piecing and the additional ric rac. You won't have time to relax when your exams are over looking at that list. Have fun.


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