Monday, October 14, 2013

Operation sort-all-the-stuff...

God knows I'm not a de-cluttering expert (it's true, He does!)
but this year I have been de-cluttering like a pro!!!
Add to that the whole pack-up-the-house-in-a-week while also
finishing-the-semester-at-uni and I have got rid of truckloads of stuff
accumulated over the last twenty years and four kids.

I brought with me to the wee cottage quite a few things to finish and sort.
Like the star babies and peg warriors, all finished and off to school.
Another project was a suitcase full of food magazines,
recipes torn out of magazines and a recipe book to write in, in pristine condition.

I decided I was NEVER going to copy out all the recipes,
so I gave that book to Reuben and he is happily copying his favourite recipes into it.
I went and brought a visual diary and set to one evening to tear out the recipes I wanted.

Then putting sweet in the front and savoury in the back,
I stuck them into the book with washi tape.

I don't know why I didn't think of this sooner.
It took maybe 20 minutes to stick them all in
and it looks to pretty as well.

Some of them I've made over and over
and some I plan to make but never find the recipe when I need it.
Not now! it's completely sorted.

Oh at one point I had started writing recipe cards
but I long since realised I don't have enough time to do this!

Isn't it great? So simple, so quick
and all done. One suitcase empty, one project done,
ninety million to go! 

If you want a real clutter expert, go and visit the amazing Simone,
she is running a series and giving away some Tupperware as well.


  1. The washi tape makes it look so pretty! Some pretty tasty sounding recipes there :)
    Nice work on the suitcase emptying xx

  2. So pretty and great idea! (not just because that's what we do too ;) ) x

  3. Such a good idea! I need to get rid of some old recipe books, the ones with only one good recipe in them, oh and a bunch of magazines too. I need to declutter!

  4. i've spent a year gradually writing out my recipes from a4 to little cards for this retro recipe box i op-shopped. then the box broke, now all the cards are getting wet and dirty with food splashes, argh! i need to wash and washi too i think!

  5. Brilliant what a simply brilliant idea ! ! !


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