Thursday, October 31, 2013

Tonight I put my little fairy cowgirl to bed...

After an a lot of shenanigans with our neighbours.
I'm waiting for my Monster-Hunter to come home with daddy.

Halloween is kinda the first thing we do together as a street
for the summer season.

We all come out of our houses where we've been holed up all winter
and have some fun together. It's special in my neighbourhood.

 I know that lots of folks struggle with the whole witchy side of Halloween,
and I agree that there are a few scary/creepy creatures out there,
but I stick by my theory that if Jesus was here,
He would be handing out lollies out to children tonight.

In fact, the children and I were discussing what we thought Jesus would dress up as
if He was hanging out with us for Halloween,
we decided He would probably be an Alien!!!

You can never turn down an opportunity to hang out with your neighbours,
to catch up and to share life (and a sausage butty) together.

What do you think??


  1. I love that your street does something together, how cool! Much better than going door to door to strangers. Wish our street did something similar.

  2. Mikee and I were just talking about that tonight and how we think the street bbq is such a great idea. I just put a note on our gate to say please don't knock because there are children sleeping (and in our house they are!!) my problem with it is the door to door style of asking people you don't know to give you stuff as if you are entitled to it. I think it's rude and inappropriate behaviour for kids like mine who don't need to ask people for stuff. If we had the children on our street doing it and then joined for a BBQ it would feel so different to me. Relationships are always worth it :o) (and I like giving people stuff just not because they have set their kids up to demand or expect it...)as always I love your considered approach x

  3. The local Playcentre we goto organises a Trick or Treat night for the kiddies every year. We parents take in sweets the week before. Then they are delivered to friends/families we know close by. The kiddies dress up and go to the "designated houses" with us parents in tow. They love it. A bit of (highly organised) fun! xo


  4. ……..^v^

    Yes, I think Jesus would be loving Halloween!

  5. I LOVE your approach to Halloween
    We will be having a street BBQ on Saturday to celebrate Guy Fawkes - we will have sack races, 3 legged races, lolly scramble etc .. .. .. and I agree we should come together as a community more often

  6. For the first time my kids got to enjoy halloween.....organised between our rural neighbours, we had fun walking up and down the long drives and trick and treating! So great to enjoy it as a neighbourhood.....amusing for the adults and fun for the kids :) Will be doing the same for guyfawks!

    Can't wait for the next family to move in next year :) The more the merrier.

  7. I am with you on this one now Deb! It has taken a few years for me/us to figure out our response to it, but finally we figure that meeting our community, our neighbours where they are and serving/blessing them is totally where we are meant to be. Love it x


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