Sunday, November 3, 2013

Ah, Monday. What a relief to see you.

This weekend was such a mix of happy and sad,
of endings and beginnings,
of busyness and moments of rest.

We packed up and shifted my mother-in-law into a rest home villa,
moments of laughter and moments of grief,
but it went as well as it possibly could.
I think it's always a difficult transition to be honest.

On Saturday night we took Reuben to his first concert at the Tannery.
(Picture from here) Luke Thompson and Avalanche City was a perfect introduction
for Reuben to live music. Acoustic guitar and mellow voices, perfection.

Sunday was oven cleaning, my oven is probably as clean now as most people's are
when they decide they needed to clean it, but at least it is not
call-the-health-police dirty now, and [bonus] we can get it repaired!

And study (last exam tomorrow), and a wee bit of stitching and knitting in borrowed moments.
It was full on. Life in all it's forms, a bit messy and a bit sad
but we got through it.


  1. Oh I went to the Tannery for the first time on Saturday! But it was during the day. What a special place it is. I would have loved to see that concert too.

  2. Good luck with your final exam. I daren't tell you to relax as you do sooooo much. But I hope you enjoy chilling a little.

  3. Hope the exam goes well and you get some time to just breathe soon xx


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