Monday, November 11, 2013

Christmas Scrappy Tripalong Quilt {normal service has resumed}

This morning I got up and sewed some dresdens with my little orange sewing machine.
And then I found the binding i had cut for this quilt
and so I sewed that on too.

The machine wasn't going too well,
but this afternoon I brought a new bobbin for it
and it is going like a charm.

I feel like I'm getting much better at sewing bindings down by machine
and this is a good thing for quilts in our house
that get washed over and over and over.

I used a scrappy binding too, I love these wee houses by Lu Summers,
and I really really wish I had brought metres and metres of them when they were available!

I also used quite a bit of this wee panda print.
I absolutely love it and so does Annie of course.
It's perfect cut into little squares like this.

I think I only had to cut four strips to make this,
I had all the rest of it left over from all the Christmas Scrap Vomit
quilts I've done. I just organised them into colours and here it is.

A little bit of perfection. It's technically a Christmas quilt,
but really it can be used all year round.

And that's what Annie plans to do!!!


  1. it is amazing!!! it amazes me how you get the colours placed like you do... I love how the red runs through it. And the binding is cute too!

  2. I'd use it all year round too! It's stunning! I'm a sucker for aqua and red together.

  3. It is gorgeous. I trust you will be able to relax a bit between now and Xmas. Hoping to see you at the bloggers Xmas get together

  4. Beautiful. I so enjoy seeing the amazing quilts you make.

  5. good work lady. Had my exam today oh SO good to be finished! I cut out 2 dresses tonight to celebrate - plan to sew at least one tomorrow.

  6. Absolutely fabulous quilt, and reminds me that I'm meaning to make a Christmas quilt! I love the scrappiness, anytime of the year, tone to it!

  7. Oh looking at this makes me so happy! It is so full of joy! yay for finishing!

  8. Beautiful! I love quilts that when you look closely you see all kinds of old favourite fabrics - Abby has a christmas nightie and pillowcase made out of the cream fabric with the little 1960s girl and hot pink and green bits - but when you stand back you see something quite different. It's so very magical! I can just see it on Annie's bed.

  9. So festive!!!

    Loving the scrappy binding! Beautiful.


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