Sunday, November 10, 2013

Keeping it real...

According to Fletchers and the Insurance Company we are supposed to be moving
back into our repaired house this week.
But seeing as there is no kitchen, no flooring,
the bricks are still off on one side and the foundation hasn't been fixed,
and the painting is not finished...
I'm pretty sure we are getting an extension!!

We are also deep in sorting out my Mother-in-law's house
(she moved into a lovely retirement village just over a week ago)
and sorting out a life time of handwritten notes and old cheque books.

Meanwhile at our temporary accommodation, the place is constantly untidy
because I have been studying madly for exams (now all over)
and we have been running in and out like it is a train station.

The garden back at our real home, is growing weeds like you wouldn't believe
and I'm supposed to be weeding it, while making arrangements to get the stove repaired
and sewing new curtains for a couple of the bedrooms
(because apparently I'm on 'holiday' now #epicfail).

Oh yes, and on the weekend we had the school fair (parent contribution compulsory)
and Reuben flew off this morning for a week long camp and the Steiner olympics in Napier.

Is it any wonder that I feel like I'm going mad??
I've planned very simple dinners for this week, and exhumed a sewing machine
from the disaster that is our garage (tidying that is probably meant to be on my to-do list too)
I decided Annie needed a nap and sewed a bunch of squares together.
It will be a draw string bag eventually, but really....
A small step towards feeling a bit more in control of the chaos.


  1. Breeeeeathe (and eat some chocolate - no really!)

  2. Thinking of extensions always makes me think of that wonderful Shirley Hughes' book "The Concrete Lorry" - when the family built a simple room at the back of the house and suddenly everyone had just the right amount of space to do their favourite things. They painted it a pale rosy pink because it was cosy and hung curtains with airoplanes because everyone liked the fabric. Sigh - such simple days. Lucky you finishing exams - I still have two to go - last one next Friday - and then four weeks of prac! But oh I do love the summer holidays - even if a mama-holiday is not really the same thing as doing nothing at all :-) Love your orange sewing machine and wishing you many hours of fabulous orange sewing. And lots of sun.

  3. Chaos rules supreme here too. Just keep lowering the bar... we'll that my strategy through to 2014... and then the only way is up!


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