Friday, February 21, 2014

A blue birthday for Reuben....

Reuben turned 12 yesterday, and he requested a blue birthday.
We decided to do afternoon tea for all the kids in the street
and have one of his friends for a pizza dinner.
Simple and achievable.

We brought blue fanta and some blue plastic cups and plates and some serviettes.
I hate buying cups and plates to use once and throw away,
but they were blue, and it was Friday afternoon
and I decided just this once.

I found some amazing sparkly plastic type fabric for $2.50 a metre,
and brought enough to put on the table. It's such an amazing blue.
I made blue candied popcorn (popcorn + toffee)
There was just enough blue to look like a blue birthday.

We did splash out on an amazing cake.
He was thrilled to bits with it.

A notice on the street Facebook page
and hey presto, it's a party!

Oh and of course, bunting, don't forget the bunting.
In our house it's an instant party when you add bunting!!!


  1. i love his blue mustache in the shot with his cake!!!

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  3. well done!! :D looked like lots of fun!

  4. Nice job! I like the blue mustache, too!

  5. Now thats a way to celebrate a birthday!

  6. I love a street with its own FB page! Great idea :-)
    Happy Birthday Reuben!!!!

  7. Fun! What a great idea to have a street party! Sounds like the loveliest neighbourhood x

  8. Happy Birthday Reuben! What a great way to celebrate x

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  10. Oh,yeah! Bunting really does have that effect! I love it, Deb, just perfect x


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