Monday, February 24, 2014

A happy quilt for a friend....

Every now and again I get to do something that makes me feel so happy,
something that makes me want to jump up and down
and squeal, and clap my hands together like a kid.

This quilt went off to it's new home today,
and I'm super excited about it.

It's a perfectly simple looking quilt, but it has a strong clear design.
To counteract how strong the design is,
I used my very precious collection of small prints that I have been
collecting up for years waiting for a special project.

This quilt is going to a special person who lives life courageously,
a person who sets high standards for themselves
and then works hard to achieve them,
a wonderful mum and a talented craftsperson.

I hope that as they snuggle under this quilt,
they feel loved, encouraged and inspired to carry on living life.

I do love to send a bunch of love sewn together into a quilt.

(Ps the pattern for this quilt is in the Love Quilting magazine,
available online)


  1. Having seen this in person I love it so much and I just KNOW the lovely lady receiving it will too

    The next one is on its way xxx

  2. beautiful Deb! I'm sure the recipient will be delighted! how are you liking your new machine? Cat tells me you have it up & running.

  3. gorgeous work and I'm sure the love will be felt in every stitch x

  4. Love it (and I'm sure the receiver will to)

  5. I am sure the recipient will know they are wrapped in love as they snuggle down with this beauty Deb!

  6. It looks amazing. Are you quilting on that longarm yet?

  7. Nice quilt! I really like the backgrounds to the squares, how they are various low volume fabrics (that is all the rage at the moment!) and all the squares are different yet harmonious.

  8. Oooo it's awesome! Love the bright plusses against the low volume backgrounds - no doubt the lucky lady is going to be thrilled!

  9. its beautiful and I'm sure the person who receives it will love it!


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