Saturday, February 15, 2014

A Quilt for Helen....

Last night two of our friends had a fiftieth birthday party
and Shenleigh and I decided that we would do a quilt each for them.
This one is for Helen.

Helen is a vibrant person with a big personality
and an even bigger heart.
I think this quilt is perfect for her, all the different colours making a whole.

Scrappy quilts are my favourite.
I love how these little birds.

I love the bits of this and that all fitting in, like this vintage sheet.

Shenleigh quilted it and bound it in black
and it had a plain cream black.
Last night our friends wrote messages on the back for her.

I hope she really loves it and feels loved when she uses it!
Tomorrow I'll show you pictures of the plus quilt we did for Jo.

Now don't forget to enter for the ipad, I think the link was wrong so try this!
Viv at Highway Cottage won the Scotch giveaway.
Viv can you send me your address please??


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