Wednesday, February 26, 2014


Last year my friend Cam received the amazing gift
of a second-hand set of lungs and a second chance at life.
It is impossible to imagine our world without Cam,
she is smart and vibrant, she embraces life,
she has a kind heart and a passion for excellence.

In New Zealand you register to become an organ donor 
when you get your drivers license renewed,
and in Australia you register here.

The thing is that even though you have registered,
it is your family who actually get to make the decision 
in the event you become eligible to be a donor.

This week I want to encourage you to have the chat,
talk to your family so that they know your wish for your organs to be donated.
It might feel a bit of an awkward conversation,
but in doing so you could change someone else's life for ever.

A wise man once said, You don't know what will happen tomorrow. 
What is life? You are a mist that is seen for a moment and then disappears. 
None of us really want to think about our death,
or the death of someone who we love,
but by having the chat while you can
it might help your loved ones to honour the decision you have made
and for something amazing to come from a sad situation.

I made this quilt to show how adding one block
makes a big difference to the quilt,
just like one conversation could make a big difference to someone.


  1. Great blog, excellent content. And I love the quilt and photo taken by Cave Rock.

  2. This is such an important subject. I have had the chat with all my family members. :-)

  3. good for you Deb xx love the quilt too xx

  4. Love Love Love this quilt
    so bright and cheerful and yes one block does make the difference

  5. My husband and I have already talked about this, it's an important subject and the difference it can make to so many families is HUGE!
    Love the quilt too!

  6. We've both chosen to be donors and have let our families know; of course that doesn't guarantee that they would give permission, but at least it means they know what our wishes are if that should come up in the future.

  7. Yes one block does make a difference, but as your blog proves, so does one quilt! Cute quilting.

  8. I've always said that I want to be an organ donor but after cancer they only like my corneas... DH though will be sent to donorship if he dies in the right ways.
    Love the quilt and the quilting!

  9. That is so beautiful Deb ❤️
    I will never forget your amazing gift after I received my new lungs and I am so happy that we've been able to meet in real life x

  10. Lovely post - hubby and I are both donors and as we're it for each other family-wise (more or less!) there are no concerns about what will happen. Lovely quilt too xx

  11. I love the colors! Gorgeous piece!

  12. It is great Deb, i really abandonned you a bit these last months. I alwayr read your posts but was too lazy or too busy to comment...... Hugs from France


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